I am happy to receive you.

My name is Patti Lindgren and I am the initiator of Wild & Salty Healing Company.

Wild & Salty is based in natural intelligence, which is returning to the planet as the primary operating system and being taken up by the human family instinctively.

Wild & Salty Healing Company is a natural kind of social working for this time that helps us build our capacity by claiming our natural intellect with new ways of looking, feeling and working with it and then applying it to our relationships, vocations and communities.

If you’re here, then you have likely already noticed that people and life in the world are a mess. We have a massive infestation of parasitic corruption that has deeply diminished the health of people, systems of cooperation and care, and life itself. Our ability to make meaning, be authentically creative and contributing, to know intrinsic value from fabrication, to be generative in our actions and to create peace and vitality for ourselves and together is feint.

It is common to think that this is a recent development when we are early to the awakening process, but upon investigation it becomes obvious that the trouble is ancient. The conditioning to corruption and diminishment of our human capacity is more deeply embedded within us than any of us can fully realize at this point. In general terms we are a species of nature disconnected from our nature within and without. Personal and group unlearning and upgrading is needed for us to be healthy and vital, and to accomplish this we need to reactivate in our natural intelligence.

We are in an initiation the likes of which, perhaps, has never been experienced. It is a beautiful journey in the big arc and a very challenging one in many ways along the way. Many of us are now becoming ready to seed and lead lives and communities that work with life.

But how? Wild & Salty Healing Company is about leaning into this together, remembering ourselves and activating the personal responsibility and relationship skills demanded by this time of ours.

Wild & Salty Healing Company stands for and lends support as we bridge two worlds, remembering our natural intelligence, learning skills and exploring blueprints that we can test in community. All the while we grow our muscles for generative and peaceful relations in all spheres of our lives.

Natural intelligence agency belongs to each of us. It is our essence, purpose, instinct, intuition, insight and imagination. It is personal responsibility, compassion and care. It is wisdom earned and shared. It precludes our conditioning from society and makes sense of it so that we may become what we are capable of. Village intelligence is what happens when people live and work together with enough healthy natural structure to care for and unleash the ingenuity, wisdom, passion and power of nature in us.

As you look around the pages here, I hope you feel inspired, welcomed, validated, appreciated and compelled to join in.

The more we are, the bigger and better we will become with nature’s intelligence and power – far more potent than the corruption in artificial constructs for living, learning, governing, trading and determinations for justice and health.

Much love, ~Patti



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