What is wild and salty healing company?

Wild refers to our original nature and ways of organizing and salty refers to the healing power of salt, how it hurts a little when it lands on the wound, and also to Little Manitou Lake, the saline lake where people come for healing that is near to my present home and also where I was born.

No, it’s not a sex thing — not a happy endings massage parlour as some people have wondered or joked about, but it does work with our lifeforce energy, and the inherent relationship of the masculine and feminine, in energetic terms, the positive and negative poles of our living experience.

Wild & Salty Healing Company is not a business, but a team of collaborators accumulating to help all people find their way through this time of awakening with its troubles and opportunities. This is barefoot social work that works with natural law which is energetic, rhythmic, immutable and generative. We are helping to increase the capacity within the human family to relate and create together well for ourselves, our families, communities, culture and world.

All together now.