I am happy to receive you.

My name is Patti Lindgren and I am the initiator of Wild & Salty Healing Company.

Wild & Salty is based in natural intelligence, which is returning to earth as the primary operating system and being taken up by the human family instinctively.

Wild & Salty Healing Company is a natural kind of social working for this time that helps us remember and grow our capacity for natural thinking and organizing. In so doing we change and our relationships change, and so does the world we make.

If you’re here, then you have likely already noticed that people and life in the world are a chaotic state of mutation. We are clearing out fear-based programming and deceptions, learning to be together in good ways, and how to share and contribute authentically to a new paradigm without violence or rulers.

Natural intelligence agency belongs to each of us. It is our essence, purpose, instinct, intuition, insight and imagination. It is personal responsibility, compassion and care. It is wisdom earned and shared. It precludes our conditioning from society and makes sense of it so that we may become what we are capable of.

Village intelligence is what happens when people live and work together with enough healthy natural structure to care for and unleash the ingenuity, wisdom, passion and power of nature in us.

As you look around the pages here, I hope you feel inspired, welcomed, validated, appreciated and compelled to join in.

Blessings for the journey, see you on the road and much love, ~Patti



Show Me

Show me is a surrender to all that is good and loving and beautiful for the life within. It takes a load off, to me; activating a returning to instinct, intuition and faith…

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