The Fair-Folk: Perils of the Otherworld

I always had a wildish spirit, was a precocious independent child, and had a temper that flared up like a bonfire whenever my boundaries or sense of justice were violated. Landing in a community that would recognize my instinctual wisdom and life purpose in the original way wasn’t my destiny. I was born in 1964 on the Saskatchewan prairies, and as idyllic a time and space as that was in many ways, in synch with old mythos wasn’t part of the fabric.

There were plenty of excellent nature and village life and love aspects about my upbringing to keep me from falling off the edge and roughly on my path though, and for this I am truly grateful. I don’t know how I would have fared as a child in a city. I have a sense it would have been a lot more challenging.

What was missing most places in the west at the time, and still, was the spirit and soul context of the Original Blueprint. We’ve been living in a time nearly devoid of visible guides and masters qualified for guardianship of the natural genie life in the humans. Or, in other words, the mythic track that runs under life has been in a very low and growing lower phase. I see now how my parents were magnets for those with strong magical beings, all hiding behind the same mask, the mask of invisibility brought about by the big fat trick being played on humanity that was already more generations old than could be counted.

I have sampled and scoured a lot of material over the past couple of decades to help me pluck the strings of home. I pick up a crumb here and a crumb there, remember myself a little more, and weave it all together with gossamer strings, like a spider’s web. It seems to me that humanity’s devolution from Original Blueprint to 2020 is a matter of a countless number of hacks and slashes on naturally healthy physiology and spiritual intellect.

Mother Earth sings the tunes of her own living ways for us to hear. She sings them a little differently in each and every locale. When we return to the land where we lay our heads now, the lands we were born upon and the lands our elders and Ancestors were born upon, the receiver for the tunes is most high. Angeles Arrien recommends at least one hour in nature each day to bring oneself back to earthling status. I concur with her that this is a minimum, and personally like to spend even more, sometimes way, way more. The negative ions alone have the power to heal most ailments. It is the gazing at and losing oneself in the gems of life in the natural world, the rhythms and cycles, the tenacity and beauty that bring the old blueprint back to singing in the bones.

I live very near to where I was born now, and where the bones of my parents and paternal grandparents lie. They came from Sweden and Norway. My mom’s lines are Scottish. The Norse and Celtic traditions are, like all early expressions of a land’s spiritual tune, magical and mythic. Celts are immersed in Nature’s cycles, wildish experiences, over a mythic track of archetypal stories animated by the likes of queens, kings, castles, monuments, power spots, craft, elementals and elements. It’s the perfect setting for an epic quest of radical transformation, it seems to me.

Here’s a wee look at how beauty and power in the common space of culture gets twisted and turned upside down.

Excerpt from The Everything Celtic Wisdom Book, Jennifer Emick

“The mysteries of the Otherworld remained active in the Celtic imagination. In accord with the new Christian view, however, the Otherworld was no longer viewed as a place of happiness and eternal youth and health, but a sort of hell where fairies and devils were sometimes indistinguishable. The fair folk still dropped by to come to human aid now and again, but mainly they were viewed with superstition, as capricious characters who were usually up to no good. Fairies were blamed for just about anything that went wrong. From sour milk to infant death, poor weather, or failed crops.”

There have, indeed, been dark entities roaming the plane with us here in the earth realm. They’ve been playing a very long trick, accusing benevolent spirits of their own dirty deeds. This projection method is used over and over again. A very stark example in our modern moment is the two-part attack on freedom of speech. When people speak their truths freely, as Creation both intends and needs, the upside downers accuse them of what they themselves are doing behind the scenes (fake news, for example), spinning the scene to one where the dark spirits are wreaking their havoc and pinning it on those who do their best to live in love and light, illuminating what goes on here, singing like canaries in coal mines.

In the world spun by the upside downers, look to the people whose voices are censored and ridiculed. They are the ones with the truth tunes for a living world. They are the guides who are qualifying themselves to be pillars for the frequency of our new timeline with Mother Earth.

Published by Patti Lindgren

Conscious evolutionary player on the board of life to a rewilding woman beat. I'm calling out the elephants in our rooms, contributing to humanity's course of illumination and change, seeing through the game we've been playing and remembering what it means to be fully human in a fully lived human experience in my time.

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