Ungooing the sacred and the divine

What if I told you to drop the goddess, drop the myth, drop the meditation, drop the yoga, drop the initiations, drop the performance, drop the virtue, drop the saving, drop the martyr, drop the victim, drop the judge, drop the hero, drop the genius, drop the urgency, drop the journey.  Drop it all. 

Pch-sheeew!  Hear it all go. 

Now drop the ageism, racism, sexism, feminism, genderism, socialism, capitalism, scientism and imperialism.  All the isms. Drop religion.  Drop politics.  Drop authority.  Drop expectations for your future.  Drop the white, the brown, the black, yellow and red. Drop the blue too, the violet and the indigo, the orange and the turquoise, and most certainly, drop the green. 

Pch-sheeeew!  Gonzo. 

Drop your enamorments and obsessions and attachments with anything and everything.  Just let it all go. 

Virtually all of it is programming by the controlling class.  And mostly it consumes your inner computation power and siphons your energy, depleting you and your opportunity to be a responsible and positive force in the world.  There are nuggets of truth in the underneath of the modern mental illness themes described. Pure knowledge and truths. Don’t worry. We’ll presence the immutables later. They’re not going anywhere.

Most of what we carry is junk these days and so for now, let the junk fall off. 

Let it go. 

Feel the unburdening. 

Pause now and give that a few moments to happen.  Breathe. Feel it leaving. Relax.

Feel your seat and your centre. 

When you’re ready, carry on. 

Years ago when I began to awaken I had a bolt of insight, so clean and so simple that it felt all in for my purposes as a contributor to life.  And then I spent a decade wandering the dark with my fancy new light, searching for my soul.  And while I was doing that I probably embodied every one of the patterns I’ve named above and the ones to follow as well.  I speak from experience, from the other side of letting go again, this time in 2022, which means something, yes it does.         

I’m now feeling back to where I began with the light.  Clear, inspired, a little amused, quite a bit more humble, interested in life again and with a tickle of desire I thought might be gone for good. 

My insight at the time included a list of related facets:

– we are off the course of nature
– masculine and feminine need to be cleansed and balanced
– structure is bad, causing all manner of dysfunctions (we need a chiropractic adjustment to our structure correct the flow of fluids and chi)
– nature and her cycles and powers are violently exploited and disdained
– people are animals in nature
– people are nature in animals
– truth is all that we have, everything else is illusion
– modernity and its systems are a mental construct
– change your mind, change the construct
– everything that manifests was first dreamt and there is a lag between the dreaming and the seeing
– every thought, feeling and action that comes from us is creating something
– pay attention for your impact always, always adapt
– when we add good, bad takes care of itself
– we all do the best we can with the tools we have at the time
– forgiveness is always a matter for the self
– my perspective is my perspective, nothing more and nothing less
– I am the captain of my own ship. 
– I alone am responsible for how I choose to use my power and abilities. 
– I choose my feelings, experiences and impact. 

There might be a you within that you who you perform for the world.  The one who cares about appearances, flaunts abundance of any kind, oversexualizes and dramatizes ordinary events no one really gives a fack about.  The one who teaches, advises, judges, chides and scorns.  The one who feels out of control and so feigns or attempts to claim control in place of self-mastery.  The one who is acting out the shortage of self-love within that makes us vulnerable as distracting pawns of the programmers. 

We are all brothers and sisters in humanity.  Some are plugged into a natural life as a full human being and some to an artificial source.  Many of us drift between worlds and some there fool ourselves into believing we are nature returning, but are still ball and chained by the old egoic archon, performing for attention, riding on coattails, wasting and slurping lifeforce from the plane. 

We are sacred and divine by original nature.  It is no big deal.  It just is. 

If you want to live in tune with the living world, then please do.  We need you. 
If you want to reduce consumption and emissions, then please do. Also do your research so you don’t waste any more loosh. 
If you want your vessel to be beautiful to look at and great to command, please continue, we need beauty and strength. 
If you need to have your needs met, then please, by all means, ask yourself what they are, listen and then call in what you need. Walk toward that which calls your name even and especially when it seems weird.
If you want to see better leadership in your area then please lead. 
If you want things to be different, then be different. 
If you feel starved intellectually start asking questions to uncover what you cannot see that is stimulating.
If you want people to respect you, respect yourself first and them as well. 
If you think you’re wise go visit and elder to see if you might be right. 
If you think you’re smart, then please, share your intelligence on the subjects you are best at and let’s see where that might lead.   
If you think you’re a better person then be a better person and forget about the rest. 

Stop competing.  Stop performing.  Stop showing off.  Stop blaming and shaming.  Stop looking for attention, permission and approval.  Stop needing a parent.  Stop being a slave.  Stop being afraid of life. 

Love yourself.  Be yourself.  Appreciate and be good to your familia in the way of you. 
Contribute good to the world by contributing your uniqueness for good in your communities.  Say no to theft, rape, murder and oppression. 

Romanticizing, hating, leveraging and ritualizing the sacred and the divine are all part of the program and a symptom of the program’s disconnecting powers.  Sacred and divine could be referred to as dreaming and wisdom. Simple stuff. Basic operational powers in a natural life. They are ripe to be un-gooed. 

Once we drop the programs and shake off their effects, true love and purity of innerstanding returns. 

Our job is not to be happier, prettier, skinnier, more virtuous or spiritual.  It’s not to save the world or oust the tyrants either. 

Our job is to reclaim our power, to stand tall as ourselves and lean in to co-operate our powers and abilities into systems and communities for the world that works with life. 

We came to cause more life, not take more life. To proliferate, not masterbate.

Do not look outside yourself for the leader, the witness, the experiencer or the saviour.  Do not push yourself on others. 

Natural dreaming and wisdom brings revival.  Forget the programs.  Remember nature instead. 

Blessings for the road.  ~p

Published by Patti Lindgren

Conscious evolutionary player on the board of life to a rewilding woman beat. I'm calling out the elephants in our rooms, contributing to humanity's course of illumination and change, seeing through the game we've been playing and remembering what it means to be fully human in a fully lived human experience in my time.

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