Natural Intelligence

We are natural creatures of natural intellect and ability. To maintain a connection to these resources being in nature must be part of our everyday. 

Not imbibing in nature and movement therein, not appreciating the sights and sounds and smells and feels of the natural world is the absence of the essential nourishment that makes it impossible to evolve in the place of our embodiment here in life with the gifts we possess and the ones that nature here provides. 

When we spend time with nature every day we grow healthier and more intelligent every day.  When we do not, we decline. 

Children especially must spend as much time as possible, first introduced to, guided in, then as they desire, learning in and about nature’s power and wisdom as life.  This will assure their wellbeing and self-sufficiency for life and support them into sage states with ease.

Any person we consort with as close friend or partner in anything should also be a nature person or we will be continually accompanied by the drag of death and remain in at least partly in hell. 

Nature will heal the hard part of any ailment to the point where our own self-restorative ability is activated to reign the self from within.  Nature answers all questions.  Nature organizes to materialize that which occupies our dreaming about life, our love and is embodied in the choices we make to walk thereto. 

Nature is the energy and ability of organic life in this terrarium, including us. 

Nature is us.  We are nature.  We of the human family are animals in nature, nature in animals. We are life. 

If you are hating on your personal humanity and the humanity in other humans in any way shape or form you are contributing your creating powers to the ones who organize all suffering.  Hating on humanity is their frequency, their habit, their violation of organic life and theft of lifeforce. 

Check your self talk and your movements. Check your causes, check your liveilihoods and all houses of worship in any flavour.  Feel for the integrity of a natural world with feminine and masculine frequencies broadcasting and co-creating health.  Notice where your own light is false light, with images of virtue performed.

Decline all offers of employment, paid or voluntary, in the trade of hate and artificiality.

Watch closely fellow traveler. Be prepared to release some and many things you’ve held fiercely in belief as worth, for their offers come out of the mouths of the kind of characters who are elevated with images and words casting spells about credibility, accountability, authority, benevolence and specialdom. 

Show up, pay attention and feel what you’re meeting. Reflect. Be in nature for at least an hour each day. Refine. Resolve.

Nature has a compass in you.  Feel within yourself to reconnect, trust it and use it. 

Much love fellow travelers,
May you make much love and wisdom on the road.

Published by Patti Lindgren

Conscious evolutionary player on the board of life to a rewilding woman beat. I'm calling out the elephants in our rooms, contributing to humanity's course of illumination and change, seeing through the game we've been playing and remembering what it means to be fully human in a fully lived human experience in my time.

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