The Free & Healthy State of TITLI

This is an honest and passionate call in the moment to the wayshowers of nature’s paradigm, natural leaders, healers, sages and visionaries who were born to naturalize.

Turtle Island Leadership Initiative is an offering of Wild & Salty Healing Company to the people in the world with an intention to help with organizing ourselves into communities with natural agreements for good relationships that generate health and vitality for all who occupy them: a free and healthy state, which is meant more in the meaning of how we are, be and do, but can also fill the shoes of state in the meaning of governance and sovereignty.

TITLI for an acronym makes me laugh for how well it relays the essence of the maternal in our nature. It helps to bring balance by correcting the status of the feminine in our construct, the negative pole of our battery, to lead us home to nature’s organic schematic for living in the earth plane. Like manna from the boob.

Have no fear masculine: your strength, your reasoning, your impulses to protect, provide and build are as needed and desired as everything else. In the battery you are on the positive end,

Grandmothers and grandfathers have a special and important place in TITLI, also mothers and fathers, and young adults. Infants and children are paramount.

Welcoming the feminine into equal partnership is foundational to healthy birth and nourishment, essential organic living, as you will experience firsthand if you enter the maps of community.

For those who feel confused and beaten by the feminist deception and the maladjusted condition of the feminine in our times, TITLI brings water and soup with the return of our true feminine wisdom, abilities and creating power. TITLI ‘authorizes’ the healthy feminine essence frequency within our Creation without the shadows of the beaten femme who asks for permission, is pushy, whiny and might even be crusading with her bare nipples pointing at you accusingly.

And for those who feel confused and beaten by the maladjusted condition of the masculine in our times, TITLI also brings a return to our true masculine frequency without the arrogance, deafness, anger, aggression and domination.

TITLI is a return to the natural intelligence of masculine and feminine energies converging to create partnerships, people, innovations and communities. It is welcoming, appreciative, wise and clever to my felt sensory perception.

And now I will step up onto the soapbox with a bit of a speech that might feel full of rude announcements.

It is time to be clear with ourselves that true and benevolent leadership is needed if our children are to continue and thrive as human beings and not biological instruments of artificial intelligence. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

We must clarify what leadership is for ourselves, innerstanding that it is not a title, a road to fame or a position to worship and tithe voluntarily or by coercion at the alters of church, government and political rallies while under a spell. We must gno (to mean know, from gnosis) that leadership is not an act of sacrificing ourselves at the alter of ruthless artificial intelligence for the sake of ego through fame and martyrdom.

Leadership is not a message heard on TV or out of the mouth of a prime minister, premier, president, senator, congressman or candidate. Nor does it come from dictators, emperors, the priests or the gods. Not even the experts. Leadership is us accepting responsibility for our share of good thinking, relations and activities that make the world. It is us making economies out of life over fiat, and doing so with great natural wise and artistic competence.

Turtle Island is the name the original people called North America before it was colonized by the British monarchy at the behest of the Vatican. Some various and sundry bit players of self-proclaimed high esteem, indentured servants and slaves aided in the occupation that lives on.

In a Free State of TITLI, we anchor with an old name for our place, pre-present-day colony, to remind us that we live with and because of the water and the land. We also honour those who are still descending from the people living in more organic times who can still feel and live their connection to nature and nature’s intelligence for good relationship with all life.

The TITLI concept also connects us to our place on the place in the here and now regardless of how or when we came to reside, how long we’ve occupied the terrain, or from where we came. We are leaning into truth, an act of daring that honours ourselves, each other, the water and the land and the world we make together.

What counts is our wisdom, our love, our sight and the ways we use personal power as the fuel in the engine of community that generates more life. Syntropic creation – synergy, creativity, juvenation – v. entropic creation–which is the scheme we’re in and the downward spiral that keeps us and this place attuning to hell.

Together we sit in circle, facing each other, having the conversations we need to have to reconfigure our methods of living together in a way that aligns with for health in land, water and life itself to returnus to natural vitality, abundance and joy for all. We organize into smaller groups of natural order based in biological sex, life phase, interests, abilities and for special projects. This is nature’s way of governing, and also commonly referred to here as village intelligence.

If you don’t live on Turtle Island , the concept belongs to earth and is fully transferable to other masses of land. I chose Turtle Island because I live right between the shoulders on the turtle’s back and it is with this land place that I come to be able to articulate the geometry for naturally fruitful chemistry among people.

What I say now may feel harsh to some, for my view on what we’re experiencing today feels threatening to the sense of security many of us have cobbled together in this life. For others it will land like music. Together we’ll work it out.

What we see in the world for management of common affairs today is an expression of artificial intelligence that works well for the money and materially interested, but is not an indication of enlightened natural leadership on behalf of the all. It is an entropic scheme that lives by sucking the natural life out of the plane. It is a parasite and predator — and it’s time in occupation is done. Nature is returning.

This phenomena is bigger than any of us and embedded in our planetary DNA, rising from within. A natural intelligence concept that is very useful is to ride the horse in the direction it’s going which means it’s easier to hop on and adapt with wild nature than to resist.

What we call leadership today is a sham, 100%. It is a violent act of control, constantly attempting and usually succeeding to overpower and take from each individual their personal agency, responsibility, creativity, land base, labour, affection, dignity, living wealth, and even our children and life itself.

Deception and violence is the modus operandi of a few well-organized individuals with psychopathic frequencies and self-awarded licenses to counterfeit currency and government. They fill off-shore bank accounts with the fiat spoils of their greed amassed by cleverly embedding themselves as benefactors to humanity and life in a long and increasingly obvious scheme of falsity.

It’s a performance. Theatre. An old-fashioned spell that works because those who have cast it know the technology of this plane of existence we occupy and it manifests material and temporal experience.

When we fall into it the illusion we give our liberty, license and responsibility over – our personal power – because we are living in the land of the spellcast and are unable to discern with natural intellect very well. It lives on within us, but becomes buried in the fallout from service the land of illusion – false images by false gods.

It loses all of its power when people stop feeding it. We are indeed capable of mind over matter reclamations. Many of us, even those in the awakening team, such as we are, have not yet recognized just how far the programs go and how we continue to emulate them. I am noticing that a trend lately seems to be about purifying the confusion among the awakening team so that we can become teams of brilliance out of reconciling our tensions.

And so, as the rampage of deception and attack we are presently living in triggers evermore the innocent within, makes us more aware of our status as colonized slaves groomed from birth and causes us to look, we end up looking closer, and closer, and closer over and again. In the company of the triggered innocent is the returning feminine wisdom living in the geomantic layer under our feet. Together we are the awakening.

We are in many states and stages of this shifting, this unwinding of spells cast, this release of belief and expectation fashioned by murderers and thieves–soul suckers who ride on the coattails of the naturally creative and powerful, we, the human family, of all shades, looks and locales.

In this arc of our phase of remembering we live in the chaos, a good part being the acts of undoing some spells and clinging to others. In many ways it’s like we’re driving with the brakes on individually, and also collectively as the memes and the themes of the spell torment us.

It is weary making….its sounds, sights, smells and feelings all messy among us.

Concurrently clear-sighted wayshowers are already here and there are many topics known to us to connect around that will be preferred by those who seek peace, opportunity and wellness in nature’s ways. These topics live around concepts of beauty, freedom, safety and nourishment that generate healthy mental, emotional, spiritual and physical states in those who come. These are the conversations in a free and healthy state of TITLI.

TITLI is a very emerging initiative. We have maps, a simple method for conversation and topic ideas to fan authentic fires of human creativity, holding space. The initiative is ready to be populated with its wayshowers now, people who will come with delight to test it all in action, practice the ways and improve upon them while bringing their authentic contribution from home.

By sharing our stories, learnings and imaginations with one another, we trigger the new community, society and economy and living earth web of connection in good time and relationship.

Leadership can and should be a skill and contribution that each of us takes our own share of personal responsibility for in the areas of our abilities, interests and local marketplace needs. My parents taught me this as ‘leading by example.’ It’s the gentle way of nature. To influence, be and do in good frequency match, and the rest takes cares of itself. To push and steer with power lauded over others is abuse.

Preparation and practice begins in the beginning and continues life long. How we conceive, birth, treat, teach and empower our children of natural genius is the living lesson that carries all ages through this turning of the dial.

This nest of living conversations and relationship agreements should stir the hearts of every woman and man who is or feels the impulse and desire to a great mother, father, elder or genius. It should stir the heart of any soul who feels they did not receive what they needed when they were small to be strong and vital now. And it most certainly stirs the soul of the infant and child, for the whole community is designed for a warm welcoming, an openness to receive, safe and interesting passage and limitless natural genius experiencing.

So here we go, eh? We’re all looking for ropes in common to hang onto for living our gift to the shift. We are protecting our sovereignty, looking for places where our voices are welcome and heard. We are thirsty and hungry for soul food and have energy to give and life into this shift.

I feel like a free and healthy state of TITLI is a response to all of these needs nature’s way. It fits everyone, absolutely adores individuality and personal strength, generates more life and makes for a smashing beauty of a terrarium.

I hope to meet you somewhere in life with the maps. Ho. ~Patti

You can learn more on and find your way in by visiting the TITLI page of this website and taking in the conversations aired via the Wild & Salty Channel on the TITLI playlist.

Published by Patti Lindgren

Conscious evolutionary player on the board of life to a rewilding woman beat. I'm calling out the elephants in our rooms, contributing to humanity's course of illumination and change, seeing through the game we've been playing and remembering what it means to be fully human in a fully lived human experience in my time.

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