Wild & Wyrd Ramble: The Greatest Lie Ever Told 03-21-2023

This ramble covers a lot of territory….awakening characters like Jacqueline Hobbs and Jason Breshears, Human Design are three topics I touch upon. I also plug Natural & Village Intelligence Camp and end with my thoughts about the greatest lie ever told. Let me know what you think of my sharing like this and what the ramble contains if you got a minute. It felt pretty natural. Takk ska da ha. Thank you for what you are doing. ~p

Published by Patti Lindgren

Conscious evolutionary player on the board of life to a rewilding woman beat. I'm calling out the elephants in our rooms, contributing to humanity's course of illumination and change, seeing through the game we've been playing and remembering what it means to be fully human in a fully lived human experience in my time.

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