Wild & Wyrd: Cartographer’s Log, 01-04-23 Heartbeat Time

This is a personal share from me to my companions in this evolutionary work held in the circle of care that is becoming wild & salty healing company. 

I’m really having fun these past few days.  Every day is feeling better than the one before.  I am synchronizing both inner and outer activities and processes quite well.  My heart is returning to its healthy states of strength, clarity, fullness and receptivity as described in the healer chapter of The Four Fold Way. 

I walked through an annual pattern of entering a dark night of the soul about 3 weeks back, and during that inbreath I closed up.  I spent a couple of days in my head, like I’d been run up the flagpole again, my nervous system was very agitated, nothing felt good.  But I didn’t hang there overlong.  I had one uncomfortable conversation with a safe friend in the middle of it that is still in process of settling itself in my being.  Other than that, it was pretty peaceful if not a pleasure walk. It’s amazing what you can release when you let go of positivity and everything else to do the little dances with the dark that come around, embedded in the pathway for all souls.

While I’ve been going into, experiencing and coming out of the dark night, I have added a discovery expedition into Human Design to my purification tool box.  I’m having lots of worthy conversations– deep, wide– and managing to weave it all together while practicing the elements embedded in the wild & salty maps of natural and village intelligence.  

My personal experimenting with the maps of natural and village intelligence feel to be working working – as in I am testing the maps and having my experience with them (that part works) AND changes of the kind they are intended to inspire are happening in me and in my relationships (the part that works works!).  I’m noticing that most of my fuel and capacity of character arises through a practice of embodying compassion and trust that is healing and feeling more natural again.  Gravity and veracity are felt, and they feel good.

HD says I’m a generator with a life purpose to shock people who are ready to change and need a nudge.  In my family and family venture reading, my placement is mostly as an implementer, with a smaller contribution to marketing on the side.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many burdens I’ve dropped by having this new way of looking at myself and in relationship to my man Rick and our children, to my livelihood and to the world. 

There are many habits that drain me in relational ventures; and perhaps especially livelihood ventures, in the ways we’ve been programmed for in the world we are leaving behind. 

It is coming  more clear to me through innerstanding my personal human design how I’ve been co-creating it into something it isn’t and slowing myself down.  I’m seeing better how to choose my personal liberation full on with honour and dignity and serve from there in great placement and to generative effect. 

Those of you who know me know that I’ve got a long time into the deprogramming and reclaiming – rewilding is how I feel it most palpably and pleasurably. I’m not sucking HD up through desperation or blind following, I am not prone to worship much anymore, never really was. Rather I innertake new subjects as explorations and this one feels both desirable and a little passionate. It’s fun! It’s been quite awhile since I felt like this, so happy to be learning and expanding again. 

Last night I wrote a little diddy.  I think it relays my mood and my implementer vibe, which in a more feral village form interpretation, feels like cartography, chemistry and choreography to me.   Much love!

Heartbeat Time



water & air

earth mum

here we come

no one left behind

children wanted,

welcomed, safe

friends in our round

all are worthy

all are sacred

in life and LIFE, we are bound

needs are meeting

worthy resources

synchronistic, rhythm, rhyme

truth is loving

and loving is truth

look again, it’s changing time

be a village

or truly lose it

step toward Fresh Paradigm

all is living

all is breathing

in, out, in heartbeat time

Natural & Village Intelligence Camp is an offering by Wild & Salty Healing Company that includes theory, reflections, practice, practical assignments and connecting with others. The Four Fold Way is our foundational guidebook, setting a stage for reclaiming healthy psyches and relations attuning with nature so that together we grow empowered and capable at relationships that co-operate and flourish in every dimension of our lives.

Published by Patti Lindgren

Conscious evolutionary player on the board of life to a rewilding woman beat. I'm calling out the elephants in our rooms, contributing to humanity's course of illumination and change, seeing through the game we've been playing and remembering what it means to be fully human in a fully lived human experience in my time.

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