The Wild & Salty vision is a world that is working with life and the mission is to radically increase human capacity for inspired connecting and creating with natural and village intelligence in the organic economy of community.

Wild & Salty influencers and aides are pioneers and leaders for living here with our nature, holding space for the healing of our minds, our bodies and impact in practical ways that meet needs and synchronize with technological and energetic resources of the plane itself. We are wayshowers.

Wayne Dyer said. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Buckminster Fuller guided us to create new systems that render old ones obsolete. Victor Hugo voiced two important sentiments with “There is nothing like a dream to create the future,” and “You can’t stop the idea whose time has come.”

There are many tricks for us to come in contact with and learn to see through, many long-coveted things to release. But as the matrix of lies falls apart with the reclaiming mode nature is in, energy is liberated and new space appears for a new experience to materialize.

The processes of change become more smooth as we power up individually and collectively and step into good-natured community.

Wild & Salty Healing Company is also an act to inspire and fuel a barefoot social working trade whose members spin themselves into a Guild that safeguards the natural, the affectionate, the accountable, the creative and the wise in the human family through the trade for as long as it’s needed.

Wild & Salty Healing Company was founded by Patti Lindgren in 2020. Until late 2022 the work has been with a small group of experiencers and a low profile. Many lessons have been learned and many are still to come. It is now expanding because it is one of those ideas whose time has come. Natural intelligence is a new system to render the old one obsolete and a dream to create the future with that begins with the heart and soul of humanity. You may think the men quoted were agents for the deception and you might be right, but they knew the operational system for the plane itself and how to work within it.

Wild & Salty Healing Company is rooted and trustworthy humans helping to bring forth the organic ways of living with earth that are practical, healthy, exciting and alive.

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