Wild & Wyrd Ramble: The Greatest Lie Ever Told 03-21-2023

This ramble covers a lot of territory….awakening characters like Jacqueline Hobbs and Jason Breshears, Human Design are three topics I touch upon. I also plug Natural & Village Intelligence Camp and end with my thoughts about the greatest lie ever told. Let me know what you think of my sharing like this and what theContinue reading “Wild & Wyrd Ramble: The Greatest Lie Ever Told 03-21-2023”

Natural & Village Intelligence Camp Introduction & Primer

We came to replace a group of masters I’m now coining the DOP – the Dirty Old Perverts. And we’re up. But holy shit we’re bad at relationships and dreaming life into being for ourselves and each other. This article includes a link to an hour-long introduction to Natural & Village Intelligence Camp by me,Continue reading “Natural & Village Intelligence Camp Introduction & Primer”

Emergence, Cartographer’s Log Star Date 07-02-2023

I’ve been working on producing a recorded introduction to Natural & Village Intelligence Camp for a couple of weeks. I’ve spent 15 years getting ready for this. I feel ready for this. And yet this process of making a down to earth video with the tools and assistance I have is challenging, often like pushingContinue reading “Emergence, Cartographer’s Log Star Date 07-02-2023”

The Four Fold Way

When I read The Four Fold Way I saw myself in its mirror and understood that my default way of operating was more feral than domesticated, and that what some people appreciated about me and/or desired for themselves was a more natural, empowered and flexible state of being. I see now what I couldn’t see then: many–maybe even most–people in western culture today have been subjected to conditioning via systems and worldviews that mute and can even overwrite aspects of natural intelligence (NI). This imposter intelligence (II) acts against authenticity, natural four-body health and right living. It makes us unwell. We move into states of being closed, negative, self-deprecating, stingy, competitive, controlling, dramatic, performative or invisible, to name a few. We become unable to discern authenticity from performance and deception to claim our own lifeforce to self-author, rely and propel.

The Free & Healthy State of TITLI

This is an honest and passionate call in the moment to the wayshowers of nature’s paradigm, natural leaders, healers, sages and visionaries who were born to naturalize. Turtle Island Leadership Initiative is an offering of Wild & Salty Healing Company to the people in the world with an intention to help with organizing ourselves intoContinue reading “The Free & Healthy State of TITLI”

Natural Intelligence

We are natural creatures of natural intellect and ability. To maintain a connection to these resources being in nature must be part of our everyday.  Not imbibing in nature and movement therein, not appreciating the sights and sounds and smells and feels of the natural world is the absence of the essential nourishment that makesContinue reading “Natural Intelligence”

Opening to Receive Collaborators

For building this bridge while we travel it, navigating in planes by instinct. Well hello there.  To the few subscribers already here, much is changing in the Wild & Salty space. I have been reconfiguring and preparing to share the curriculum and company that this vision is being born for. I have changed a lot onContinue reading “Opening to Receive Collaborators”

Ungooing the sacred and the divine

What if I told you to drop the goddess, drop the myth, drop the meditation, drop the yoga, drop the initiations, drop the performance, drop the virtue, drop the saving, drop the martyr, drop the victim, drop the judge, drop the hero, drop the genius, drop the urgency, drop the journey.  Drop it all.  Pch-sheeew! Continue reading “Ungooing the sacred and the divine”