Barefoot Social Working Natural & Village Intelligence Training

Standing in power, walking in beauty: A natural and village intelligence activation and bonding circle experience.

The Circle & The Work

When we are creating life from the essence of life itself patterns and geometry are core essential facilities. From the basics opens the field for all beings to be themselves from the tenets in nature, always rooted, always moving, always adapting.

Out of the geometry we can feel and remember for ourselves what the assignment is and get on with it, sovereign, in our own power and with natural genius.

Nobody promised us a rose garden. We all get a life and a personal quest to be lived in service to our collective one.

When we come together to hold the frequency for a shared perception we are able to claim our power in the love ways to fully experience and contribute to the turning in the tide.

The world that is crumbling before our eyes is artificially construed. We know that. It is a value-less facsimile of nature’s world and it is eating its own tail, being devoured by nature as we speak. We are called up in the vacuum, agents for our nature, the new leaders for the next leg here with earth.

Nature’s intelligence, we know, turns all problems into opportunities with relative ease and way more joy for the participants.

This ‘training’ is really more like a camp. It’s where we come to remember and create with nature’s blueprints for our lives as earthlings together for the better of all living things, in synch with the breath of life.


These are weekly zoom gatherings around study materials with an online community space for deepening and networking.

The opportunity is open for every participant to explore, share and practice their unique abilities, perceptions, experiences and contributions in the community. Grief is welcome, healing, creativity and evolution supported, loving ingenuity shared.


This opportunity is offered in the right livelihood economy. Please reciprocate in the manner and amount that feels fair based in your personal circumstances, self investment and experiential value from the material and space.


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