The Four Fold Way

Working with the Four Fold Way is a unique experience for everyone. In this article I’m going to tell you about my relationship with it as a way to demonstrate how it might become a helper to you in your life of remembering, reviving and re-calibrating your integrity, authenticity, heart and power.

This book came to me at a time in my life as I was beginning to experience big disillusionments with the way society is organized, the matrix of belief and agreement within it, the behaviors and states of being it spawns in people, my own condition and my personal walk through the middle of it.

Most people find books and then take them up. In my case it seems like the book found me and took me up. It was my own speech, in particular the terms big medicine and original medicine, that triggered a social worker who knew it to say, “You must be a student of The Four Fold Way.” To which I replied, “What’s that?” Needless to say I got myself a copy of it in short order. Within its pages I found a mirror of me that was nothing like anything I had ever encountered before.

In my livelihood adventures there were a few aspects about my presence and contributions that were appreciated more than others: my authenticity, my creative abilities, and my ways of seeing and sense-making. Not everyone appreciated these abilities, but many did and some would ask if I could teach them to be more like I was. I was stupefied by the request for I couldn’t fathom how I could teach anyone the aspects of my self that were automatic for me.

When I read The Four Fold Way I saw myself in its mirror and understood that my default way of operating was more feral than domesticated, and that what some people appreciated about me and/or desired for themselves was a more natural, empowered and flexible state of being. I see now what I couldn’t see then: many–maybe even most–people in western culture today have been subjected to conditioning via systems and worldviews that mute and overwrite aspects of natural intelligence (NI). This imposter intelligence (II) acts against authenticity, natural four-body health and right living. It makes us unwell. We move into states of being closed, negative, self-deprecating, stingy, competitive, controlling, dramatic, performative or invisible, to name a few. We become unable to discern authenticity from performance and deception to claim our own lifeforce and responsibility to self-author, rely and propel.

Some of the shadow states and patterns I mentioned are natural process of learning and growing up. Embedded sneakily within these states and patterns is the imposter intellect, which amps them up and likes to keep them in place.

When we take on too much II, we become fragmented, confused, lose power, develop illness in our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical bodies and become easy to take from, direct and control. With NI we are immortal independent beings of great power and creativity. NI is the most effective remedy to II, in my opinion, for it doesn’t just bring us closer to our original blueprint and capacity, it spreads through our relations and vocations and into our communities. It is the original operating system for life.

The Four Fold Way is based in Angeles’ research and comparisons of cultures we know today as indigenous. Indigenous cultures are based in natural intelligence. You could call this book natural intelligence psychology, relevant, relatable and alive. It’s very different from modern psychology which is contaminated with imposter intelligence.

If we are human we are indigenous to earth and capable of recalling and operating organically. It isn’t easy, as many of us well know, but surely as the morning turns into afternoon and evening and night, we too are advancing and expanding, finding our way around the wheel in spiralling fashion, on our way home.

Angeles focuses on the person in her book. And from that basis the one engaging can enter into their personal recalibration home to NI with more confidence. Her content and suggestions are whole body – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. She teaches us about four human resources inherent with us: power, vision, love and wisdom, illuminating their healthy expression and shadow expressions as well as suggesting tools we can use to clear ourselves and stand better in our own power, genius and personal authority.

What this book can trigger, illuminate and support is the heart, soul, needs and abilities in the body and life any reader. It helps us find our way back to a healthy natural state of psyche to become a potent creator and relater in the plane.

I’ve been traveling with this book as my personal reclamation companion for almost 15 years. When I found it I was in turmoil about the state of community and our disconnect from organic life in the plane. What it did for me creatively and vocationally speaking was inspire many diagrams of how the energy and chemistry of these four resources and their corresponding archetypes are a way to focus and flow in creative process and be expressed as architecture and alchemist for community health, where co-operation is easy and opportunity and responsibility are shared. Or, as I like to say, village intelligence.

I am now offering a Transformational Leadership Camp (TLC) for people who want take that full picture in and become forces of nature helping to build bridges between worlds.

Angeles Arrien, born in 1940 in Spain among the Basque people, dropped her robes and left the plane in 2014 in the US. She was an cultural anthropologist and author who embodied the healthy expressions of the four human resources of power, vision, love and wisdom she teaches in this book.

Below I have included two relatively short videos of Angeles sharing the work directly. And also, you can follow this link to read a tribute to her written by her protege Patrick O’Neill if you’d like to learn more about this lovely and intelligent woman of heart and spirit from someone who knew her exceptionally well.

If you want to buy the book, please try to get it from a local seller first. What we need in our economy now are strong local markets where our neighbours and collaborators are benefiting from the ways that we go about life.

Transformational Leadership Camp is an offering by Wild & Salty Healing Company that includes theory, reflections, practice, practical assignments and connecting with others. The Four Fold Way is our foundational guidebook, setting a stage for reclaiming healthy psyches and relations attuning with nature so that together we grow empowered and capable at relationships that co-operate and flourish in every dimension of our lives.

The Free & Healthy State of TITLI

This is an honest and passionate call in the moment to the wayshowers of nature’s paradigm, natural leaders, healers, sages and visionaries who were born to naturalize.

Turtle Island Leadership Initiative is an offering of Wild & Salty Healing Company to the people in the world with an intention to help with organizing ourselves into communities with natural agreements for good relationships that generate health and vitality for all who occupy them: a free and healthy state, which is meant more in the meaning of how we are, be and do, but can also fill the shoes of state in the meaning of governance and sovereignty.

TITLI for an acronym makes me laugh for how well it relays the essence of the maternal in our nature. It helps to bring balance by correcting the status of the feminine in our construct, the negative pole of our battery, to lead us home to nature’s organic schematic for living in the earth plane. Like manna from the boob.

Have no fear masculine: your strength, your reasoning, your impulses to protect, provide and build are as needed and desired as everything else. In the battery you are on the positive end,

Grandmothers and grandfathers have a special and important place in TITLI, also mothers and fathers, and young adults. Infants and children are paramount.

Welcoming the feminine into equal partnership is foundational to healthy birth and nourishment, essential organic living, as you will experience firsthand if you enter the maps of community.

For those who feel confused and beaten by the feminist deception and the maladjusted condition of the feminine in our times, TITLI brings water and soup with the return of our true feminine wisdom, abilities and creating power. TITLI ‘authorizes’ the healthy feminine essence frequency within our Creation without the shadows of the beaten femme who asks for permission, is pushy, whiny and might even be crusading with her bare nipples pointing at you accusingly.

And for those who feel confused and beaten by the maladjusted condition of the masculine in our times, TITLI also brings a return to our true masculine frequency without the arrogance, deafness, anger, aggression and domination.

TITLI is a return to the natural intelligence of masculine and feminine energies converging to create partnerships, people, innovations and communities. It is welcoming, appreciative, wise and clever to my felt sensory perception.

And now I will step up onto the soapbox with a bit of a speech that might feel full of rude announcements.

It is time to be clear with ourselves that true and benevolent leadership is needed if our children are to continue and thrive as human beings and not biological instruments of artificial intelligence. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

We must clarify what leadership is for ourselves, innerstanding that it is not a title, a road to fame or a position to worship and tithe voluntarily or by coercion at the alters of church, government and political rallies while under a spell. We must gno (to mean know, from gnosis) that leadership is not an act of sacrificing ourselves at the alter of ruthless artificial intelligence for the sake of ego through fame and martyrdom.

Leadership is not a message heard on TV or out of the mouth of a prime minister, premier, president, senator, congressman or candidate. Nor does it come from dictators, emperors, the priests or the gods. Not even the experts. Leadership is us accepting responsibility for our share of good thinking, relations and activities that make the world. It is us making economies out of life over fiat, and doing so with great natural wise and artistic competence.

Turtle Island is the name the original people called North America before it was colonized by the British monarchy at the behest of the Vatican. Some various and sundry bit players of self-proclaimed high esteem, indentured servants and slaves aided in the occupation that lives on.

In a Free State of TITLI, we anchor with an old name for our place, pre-present-day colony, to remind us that we live with and because of the water and the land. We also honour those who are still descending from the people living in more organic times who can still feel and live their connection to nature and nature’s intelligence for good relationship with all life.

The TITLI concept also connects us to our place on the place in the here and now regardless of how or when we came to reside, how long we’ve occupied the terrain, or from where we came. We are leaning into truth, an act of daring that honours ourselves, each other, the water and the land and the world we make together.

What counts is our wisdom, our love, our sight and the ways we use personal power as the fuel in the engine of community that generates more life. Syntropic creation – synergy, creativity, juvenation – v. entropic creation–which is the scheme we’re in and the downward spiral that keeps us and this place attuning to hell.

Together we sit in circle, facing each other, having the conversations we need to have to reconfigure our methods of living together in a way that aligns with for health in land, water and life itself to returnus to natural vitality, abundance and joy for all. We organize into smaller groups of natural order based in biological sex, life phase, interests, abilities and for special projects. This is nature’s way of governing, and also commonly referred to here as village intelligence.

If you don’t live on Turtle Island , the concept belongs to earth and is fully transferable to other masses of land. I chose Turtle Island because I live right between the shoulders on the turtle’s back and it is with this land place that I come to be able to articulate the geometry for naturally fruitful chemistry among people.

What I say now may feel harsh to some, for my view on what we’re experiencing today feels threatening to the sense of security many of us have cobbled together in this life. For others it will land like music. Together we’ll work it out.

What we see in the world for management of common affairs today is an expression of artificial intelligence that works well for the money and materially interested, but is not an indication of enlightened natural leadership on behalf of the all. It is an entropic scheme that lives by sucking the natural life out of the plane. It is a parasite and predator — and it’s time in occupation is done. Nature is returning.

This phenomena is bigger than any of us and embedded in our planetary DNA, rising from within. A natural intelligence concept that is very useful is to ride the horse in the direction it’s going which means it’s easier to hop on and adapt with wild nature than to resist.

What we call leadership today is a sham, 100%. It is a violent act of control, constantly attempting and usually succeeding to overpower and take from each individual their personal agency, responsibility, creativity, land base, labour, affection, dignity, living wealth, and even our children and life itself.

Deception and violence is the modus operandi of a few well-organized individuals with psychopathic frequencies and self-awarded licenses to counterfeit currency and government. They fill off-shore bank accounts with the fiat spoils of their greed amassed by cleverly embedding themselves as benefactors to humanity and life in a long and increasingly obvious scheme of falsity.

It’s a performance. Theatre. An old-fashioned spell that works because those who have cast it know the technology of this plane of existence we occupy and it manifests material and temporal experience.

When we fall into it the illusion we give our liberty, license and responsibility over – our personal power – because we are living in the land of the spellcast and are unable to discern with natural intellect very well. It lives on within us, but becomes buried in the fallout from service the land of illusion – false images by false gods.

It loses all of its power when people stop feeding it. We are indeed capable of mind over matter reclamations. Many of us, even those in the awakening team, such as we are, have not yet recognized just how far the programs go and how we continue to emulate them. I am noticing that a trend lately seems to be about purifying the confusion among the awakening team so that we can become teams of brilliance out of reconciling our tensions.

And so, as the rampage of deception and attack we are presently living in triggers evermore the innocent within, makes us more aware of our status as colonized slaves groomed from birth and causes us to look, we end up looking closer, and closer, and closer over and again. In the company of the triggered innocent is the returning feminine wisdom living in the geomantic layer under our feet. Together we are the awakening.

We are in many states and stages of this shifting, this unwinding of spells cast, this release of belief and expectation fashioned by murderers and thieves–soul suckers who ride on the coattails of the naturally creative and powerful, we, the human family, of all shades, looks and locales.

In this arc of our phase of remembering we live in the chaos, a good part being the acts of undoing some spells and clinging to others. In many ways it’s like we’re driving with the brakes on individually, and also collectively as the memes and the themes of the spell torment us.

It is weary making….its sounds, sights, smells and feelings all messy among us.

Concurrently clear-sighted wayshowers are already here and there are many topics known to us to connect around that will be preferred by those who seek peace, opportunity and wellness in nature’s ways. These topics live around concepts of beauty, freedom, safety and nourishment that generate healthy mental, emotional, spiritual and physical states in those who come. These are the conversations in a free and healthy state of TITLI.

TITLI is a very emerging initiative. We have maps, a simple method for conversation and topic ideas to fan authentic fires of human creativity, holding space. The initiative is ready to be populated with its wayshowers now, people who will come with delight to test it all in action, practice the ways and improve upon them while bringing their authentic contribution from home.

By sharing our stories, learnings and imaginations with one another, we trigger the new community, society and economy and living earth web of connection in good time and relationship.

Leadership can and should be a skill and contribution that each of us takes our own share of personal responsibility for in the areas of our abilities, interests and local marketplace needs. My parents taught me this as ‘leading by example.’ It’s the gentle way of nature. To influence, be and do in good frequency match, and the rest takes cares of itself. To push and steer with power lauded over others is abuse.

Preparation and practice begins in the beginning and continues life long. How we conceive, birth, treat, teach and empower our children of natural genius is the living lesson that carries all ages through this turning of the dial.

This nest of living conversations and relationship agreements should stir the hearts of every woman and man who is or feels the impulse and desire to a great mother, father, elder or genius. It should stir the heart of any soul who feels they did not receive what they needed when they were small to be strong and vital now. And it most certainly stirs the soul of the infant and child, for the whole community is designed for a warm welcoming, an openness to receive, safe and interesting passage and limitless natural genius experiencing.

So here we go, eh? We’re all looking for ropes in common to hang onto for living our gift to the shift. We are protecting our sovereignty, looking for places where our voices are welcome and heard. We are thirsty and hungry for soul food and have energy to give and life into this shift.

I feel like a free and healthy state of TITLI is a response to all of these needs nature’s way. It fits everyone, absolutely adores individuality and personal strength, generates more life and makes for a smashing beauty of a terrarium.

I hope to meet you somewhere in life with the maps. Ho. ~Patti

You can learn more on and find your way in by visiting the TITLI page of this website and taking in the conversations aired via the Wild & Salty Channel on the TITLI playlist.

Natural Intelligence

We are natural creatures of natural intellect and ability. To maintain a connection to these resources being in nature must be part of our everyday. 

Not imbibing in nature and movement therein, not appreciating the sights and sounds and smells and feels of the natural world is the absence of the essential nourishment that makes it impossible to evolve in the place of our embodiment here in life with the gifts we possess and the ones that nature here provides. 

When we spend time with nature every day we grow healthier and more intelligent every day.  When we do not, we decline. 

Children especially must spend as much time as possible, first introduced to, guided in, then as they desire, learning in and about nature’s power and wisdom as life.  This will assure their wellbeing and self-sufficiency for life and support them into sage states with ease.

Any person we consort with as close friend or partner in anything should also be a nature person or we will be continually accompanied by the drag of death and remain in at least partly in hell. 

Nature will heal the hard part of any ailment to the point where our own self-restorative ability is activated to reign the self from within.  Nature answers all questions.  Nature organizes to materialize that which occupies our dreaming about life, our love and is embodied in the choices we make to walk thereto. 

Nature is the energy and ability of organic life in this terrarium, including us. 

Nature is us.  We are nature.  We of the human family are animals in nature, nature in animals. We are life. 

If you are hating on your personal humanity and the humanity in other humans in any way shape or form you are contributing your creating powers to the ones who organize all suffering.  Hating on humanity is their frequency, their habit, their violation of organic life and theft of lifeforce. 

Check your self talk and your movements. Check your causes, check your liveilihoods and all houses of worship in any flavour.  Feel for the integrity of a natural world with feminine and masculine frequencies broadcasting and co-creating health.  Notice where your own light is false light, with images of virtue performed.

Decline all offers of employment, paid or voluntary, in the trade of hate and artificiality.

Watch closely fellow traveler. Be prepared to release some and many things you’ve held fiercely in belief as worth, for their offers come out of the mouths of the kind of characters who are elevated with images and words casting spells about credibility, accountability, authority, benevolence and specialdom. 

Show up, pay attention and feel what you’re meeting. Reflect. Be in nature for at least an hour each day. Refine. Resolve.

Nature has a compass in you.  Feel within yourself to reconnect, trust it and use it. 

Much love fellow travelers,
May you make much love and wisdom on the road.

Opening to Receive Collaborators

For building this bridge while we travel it, navigating in planes by instinct. 

Well hello there.  To the few subscribers already here, much is changing in the Wild & Salty space. I have been reconfiguring and preparing to share the curriculum and company that this vision is being born for. I have changed a lot on the pages of the website and whether you’ve seen it or not, you might want to have a look as you’re already here as a subscriber, and I trust that means something.

This article is piece of the puzzle. Those who are interested in becoming a worker here are being led to it as a bit of a job posting. It paints a picture best I can as to the kind of help needed now for tasks to fly this natural earth vessel and also the soft build of people-y things to attract faculty, students and community.

It seemed like the logical thing for me to do to start was to craft a basic website that painted a good enough picture of the vision and get it to a point where it could be shared with others who are meant to find it. These are people advanced enough to become the faculty, the team, and the life in it all, setting good examples, animating the place, sharing the themes and ways of our natural intelligence in our dreaming, relating, organizing, and life making. 

I am no website programmer.  I am more of an artist and teacher, but I do have a project design and management background, and grew used to working with what little I’ve had for resources while traveling the turf of the non-profit sector and as a private sector change agent.  I can go far enough on my own to sketch the dream and architecture for beginning so that others at the edge of this change can feel the frequency and the dreaming.  And then it becomes a matter for other genies to join in and contribute to, for I am only here to do my part as a Mapmaker and Firestarter growing through experience into wisdom. 

As I play with articulating Wild & Salty using the website facility, I can feel organic life needs and dreams accumulating all around it.  A clever and artful helper or two to design and code an intuitive, ever-evolving and improving website will go an exceptionally long way to receiving this love and materializing together in the dream.  This will be a positive application of AI, to restart NI, which is timely, at the ready and worthy.

Necessary partners to website types are writers and networking media thinkers who can help articulate and disseminate offerings, presentations and news.

Also going a long way for turning out exponential impact will be the participation of people who are talented in the ways of moving resources, inviting them in and sharing them out fairly and fruitfully, so that Wild & Salty becomes an agent of natural economy that flows well and self-perpetuates, priming authentic desire and creativity for all souls well enough to answer their call to become water and soup and supportive energy for the rest. 

Also going a long way with things will be the people who love people, are talented in relationship, and who can be in the design with intuitive, loving and connecting vibes.  People who are curious and feel what people need when they arrive, helping them to find something to try, and supporting their journey like an ambassador.   You will also help with attracting faculty and content creation for Wild & Salty offerings in the round because of your intimate knowledge of what people are in need of and what remedies bring the most for health in all spheres.  You might even be a member of the faculty who offers something of your own as well.

Which brings me to producer types – people who would like to coordinate design and delivery of offerings by Wild & Salty faculty and team members, whether they be events, curriculum, networks, workshop materials, broadcasts or anything else.

As we build the architecture for a Wild & Salty Healing Company and community offering natural and village intelligence training and practice, natural mental health exercises and experiments in healthy naturally emerging community, the soul of the world will shine into the simulacrum, reflecting the living songs of earth. 

Does that sound corny?  Maybe, a little, but nonetheless, it feels true to me. 

If you are interested please send me an email introducing yourself as a person – where do you come from, what are you passionate about, what are you best at, how old are you, and what do you need for yourself these days in return for sharing your love.  If you can, please respond to one or more of the themes of present need described above.  If you have any questions for me, these should be included.  I will respond within a day or two when I’ve got the time to receive and communicate with the honour and respect you deserve.

In the meantime please latch on somewhere so that you can keep track of developments wherever and however it suits you best, whether on the Facebook page, the Youtube channel, the newsletter or registering for the weekly Imaginarium Dreamtime session on Sundays

The content will be thin for awhile, but it will start coming before November is out. This project is interesting, complex and voluminous for me at this time.  One foot in front of the other, I go, chipping away, chipping away.  It feels like I imagine sculpting does. 

Thank you! Ho.  Blessings.  I look forward to hearing from some of you soonish!

Send your letter to

Ungooing the sacred and the divine

What if I told you to drop the goddess, drop the myth, drop the meditation, drop the yoga, drop the initiations, drop the performance, drop the virtue, drop the saving, drop the martyr, drop the victim, drop the judge, drop the hero, drop the genius, drop the urgency, drop the journey.  Drop it all. 

Pch-sheeew!  Hear it all go. 

Now drop the ageism, racism, sexism, feminism, genderism, socialism, capitalism, scientism and imperialism.  All the isms. Drop religion.  Drop politics.  Drop authority.  Drop expectations for your future.  Drop the white, the brown, the black, yellow and red. Drop the blue too, the violet and the indigo, the orange and the turquoise, and most certainly, drop the green. 

Pch-sheeeew!  Gonzo. 

Drop your enamorments and obsessions and attachments with anything and everything.  Just let it all go. 

Virtually all of it is programming by the controlling class.  And mostly it consumes your inner computation power and siphons your energy, depleting you and your opportunity to be a responsible and positive force in the world.  There are nuggets of truth in the underneath of the modern mental illness themes described. Pure knowledge and truths. Don’t worry. We’ll presence the immutables later. They’re not going anywhere.

Most of what we carry is junk these days and so for now, let the junk fall off. 

Let it go. 

Feel the unburdening. 

Pause now and give that a few moments to happen.  Breathe. Feel it leaving. Relax.

Feel your seat and your centre. 

When you’re ready, carry on. 

Years ago when I began to awaken I had a bolt of insight, so clean and so simple that it felt all in for my purposes as a contributor to life.  And then I spent a decade wandering the dark with my fancy new light, searching for my soul.  And while I was doing that I probably embodied every one of the patterns I’ve named above and the ones to follow as well.  I speak from experience, from the other side of letting go again, this time in 2022, which means something, yes it does.         

I’m now feeling back to where I began with the light.  Clear, inspired, a little amused, quite a bit more humble, interested in life again and with a tickle of desire I thought might be gone for good. 

My insight at the time included a list of related facets:

– we are off the course of nature
– masculine and feminine need to be cleansed and balanced
– structure is bad, causing all manner of dysfunctions (we need a chiropractic adjustment to our structure correct the flow of fluids and chi)
– nature and her cycles and powers are violently exploited and disdained
– people are animals in nature
– people are nature in animals
– truth is all that we have, everything else is illusion
– modernity and its systems are a mental construct
– change your mind, change the construct
– everything that manifests was first dreamt and there is a lag between the dreaming and the seeing
– every thought, feeling and action that comes from us is creating something
– pay attention for your impact always, always adapt
– when we add good, bad takes care of itself
– we all do the best we can with the tools we have at the time
– forgiveness is always a matter for the self
– my perspective is my perspective, nothing more and nothing less
– I am the captain of my own ship. 
– I alone am responsible for how I choose to use my power and abilities. 
– I choose my feelings, experiences and impact. 

There might be a you within that you who you perform for the world.  The one who cares about appearances, flaunts abundance of any kind, oversexualizes and dramatizes ordinary events no one really gives a fack about.  The one who teaches, advises, judges, chides and scorns.  The one who feels out of control and so feigns or attempts to claim control in place of self-mastery.  The one who is acting out the shortage of self-love within that makes us vulnerable as distracting pawns of the programmers. 

We are all brothers and sisters in humanity.  Some are plugged into a natural life as a full human being and some to an artificial source.  Many of us drift between worlds and some there fool ourselves into believing we are nature returning, but are still ball and chained by the old egoic archon, performing for attention, riding on coattails, wasting and slurping lifeforce from the plane. 

We are sacred and divine by original nature.  It is no big deal.  It just is. 

If you want to live in tune with the living world, then please do.  We need you. 
If you want to reduce consumption and emissions, then please do. Also do your research so you don’t waste any more loosh. 
If you want your vessel to be beautiful to look at and great to command, please continue, we need beauty and strength. 
If you need to have your needs met, then please, by all means, ask yourself what they are, listen and then call in what you need. Walk toward that which calls your name even and especially when it seems weird.
If you want to see better leadership in your area then please lead. 
If you want things to be different, then be different. 
If you feel starved intellectually start asking questions to uncover what you cannot see that is stimulating.
If you want people to respect you, respect yourself first and them as well. 
If you think you’re wise go visit and elder to see if you might be right. 
If you think you’re smart, then please, share your intelligence on the subjects you are best at and let’s see where that might lead.   
If you think you’re a better person then be a better person and forget about the rest. 

Stop competing.  Stop performing.  Stop showing off.  Stop blaming and shaming.  Stop looking for attention, permission and approval.  Stop needing a parent.  Stop being a slave.  Stop being afraid of life. 

Love yourself.  Be yourself.  Appreciate and be good to your familia in the way of you. 
Contribute good to the world by contributing your uniqueness for good in your communities.  Say no to theft, rape, murder and oppression. 

Romanticizing, hating, leveraging and ritualizing the sacred and the divine are all part of the program and a symptom of the program’s disconnecting powers.  Sacred and divine could be referred to as dreaming and wisdom. Simple stuff. Basic operational powers in a natural life. They are ripe to be un-gooed. 

Once we drop the programs and shake off their effects, true love and purity of innerstanding returns. 

Our job is not to be happier, prettier, skinnier, more virtuous or spiritual.  It’s not to save the world or oust the tyrants either. 

Our job is to reclaim our power, to stand tall as ourselves and lean in to co-operate our powers and abilities into systems and communities for the world that works with life. 

We came to cause more life, not take more life. To proliferate, not masterbate.

Do not look outside yourself for the leader, the witness, the experiencer or the saviour.  Do not push yourself on others. 

Natural dreaming and wisdom brings revival.  Forget the programs.  Remember nature instead. 

Blessings for the road.  ~p

The Crisis of Awakening into Alive

A story about my journey using the monikers that have accompanied me

Like everyone else who has woken up in this world in these times my journey was precipitated by crisis. 

My life was in crisis, and so was the world we make. 

My personal crisis seemed massive, many fold and entirely complex.  Same for the world crisis. 

Enter Truth and Dare

Truth had always been my motto, but was I living it?  I had a strong sense that truth was key to the trouble within and without.  I felt moved to lean in for truth in a knowing that if I did, if we did, that dare would take care of itself.  I had experienced many times how it feels when tension that comes from assumptions, unknowns, unconscious, overactive imagination, fear comes off — and how it vaporizes in an instant under the light of truth. 

And so I began to align with the principle of truth.  And things got worse, not better, or so it seemed.  The impurities in everything, myself included, began to rumble and to scream, ‘look at me, look at me, no, look at me!” 

I left my body many times during the process of seeing and clarifying.  It took a very long time to reclaim competency in the here and the now and the true. 

Big Medicine

At about the same time the truth and dare quest was bubbling up, I knew that what was wrong in our underneath was an imbalance of masculine and feminine frequencies and a way of walking with nature that was off course.   I thought that it was an innocent misstep somewhere in our generating process creating a discord that prompted trouble that accumulated and expanded as time wore on. 

I also started feeling terms rise within me that I had never used before.  They were original medicine and big medicine. I knew that they referred to the unique offering and potency of the organic beings we are at the core.  I started to use them and was surprised to learn from someone I met that they came from a book already in print: The Four-Fold Way by cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien. 

I am an Aries.  We are known for our strong minds, sharp tongues, fierce individualism and big energy.  I have felt original and big medicine within me with great clarity most of my life. I spent a lot of time living with the terms in my being, in my activities and my relationships. 

Truth, original medicine and big medicine are quite a threat to the status quo I learned.  I naively thought that the world would be grateful to hear that our solutions were simple.  I was about to spend many years in that truth quest being disillusioned and grieving the loss of life and soul I saw and felt in my quest.  I had great natural instincts, AND was incredibly naïve about the way our world runs and who sets the stages, the writes the pages and outcomes. 

Big medicine as defined in Angeles’ book and elsewhere describes a state of being where in presence we bring our full mental, emotional, spiritual and physical power forward.  We are in the moment, fully activated, not drifting off to other lands and times with our beings and our minds.  Here we have “the capacity to let others know where we stand, where we don’t stand, what we stand for, and how we stand up for ourselves.”*  Here we have the ability to use the power of communication where we are skilled at bringing the right content at the right time in the right context. 

(The quote is from Angeles Arrien in The Four Fold Way.)

Wild Soul Medicine

During my awakening I began returning to nature and outdoor activity in a bigger way than had become habit in my adult life.  I had spent my teen years running around barefoot in a beautiful valley full of lakes, my prepubescent years running around barefoot in a little town on a rolling hill on the prairie with quite a bit of forest around, and my earliest years running around barefoot on an acreage near to a special lake called Little Manitou.  My city years were spent in heels in office buildings stories off the earth, on blacktop and concrete, hustling and bustling, living on small lots surrounded by countless other small lots amid a burgeoning collection of towers polluting the ether with unnatural frequencies. 

I had been slowly losing my nature connection over time. 

It hurt at first.  The effects of nature’s powers in contrast to the artificial state I had fallen into felt intense.  Some days I would talk to myself the whole time, purging toxic thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, when I knew I was all alone, I would scream and wail as I walked. The intensity of my feelings were often extreme. But I kept turning up and as I did I could feel my wild soul turning back on over time. The tension was disappearing, the real me returning and rooting in with nature beginning again. This aspect of my awakening felt like wild soul medicine. 

Big Wild Soul Medicine

At some point I felt a little schizophrenic with all the names for the facets of my awakening piling up.  I decided to simplify and settled on Big Wild Soul Medicine awhile, rolling them all into one.  This helped me immediately. I feel like we break apart pretty intensely when we awaken. Many of us spend time fractured and polarized, challenged to merge all of the inner and outer aspects coming up for review. As long as we keep on keeping on with the quest, we do eventually reconstellate our beings so that we can bring the crisis to fruition and make something beautiful with it.

Wild & Salty Healing Company

In 2018 I moved back to my birthplace of Watrous and spent a year there while hubby and I created a home in the village on Little Manitou Lake’s hills three miles to the north.  I walked the shores and the pastures, the valleys and the wild orchards; I swam in the lake, tended my gardens, took in some of the culture, attempted to help the community, made a few friends and some enemies and also some art. 

I saw a few clients from earlier connections around healing who came here for a Little Manitou experience.  I set up a massage table in a dining tent in my large yard and we’d commune with the elements here.  I would use my drum, rattle and other nature tools – all ways of connecting and repairing the human apparatus that I have picked up during this wyrd wild nature university training period I’ve been cobbling together on instinct.

The results were always extraordinary.  People were having supernatural healing experiences, leaving our time together feeling as though they had received light for something within and were palpably re-energized. 

One day I realized how little I had to do with anything that was going on in the healing studio.  What a relief! That surrendering to nature was healing and vice versa, I could see and feel plainly. The elements and powers of Little Manitou and her environs would meet up with the person who came to see me, and I would serve as company that helped light a bridge on the path from disconnection to reconnection. 

I shifted my moniker to Wild & Salty Healing Company.  Wild to surrender to nature’s powers and intellect, salty to acknowledge the sting that comes with truth and healing and to put my life and contribution to the world we make in a state surrendered to our nature, to this salty water here and the land.  Company is companionship, not a business. 

At this time my story all of the feelings and messages in all of the monikers I’ve traveled with as guides unite with my love and my sense of life and place in the words wild and salty healing company. 

Happy Endings
A funny part in this present state is that some of the locals see Wild & Salty Healing Company as a sexual term, like I operate happy endings massage parlour.  At first I felt disturbed by this, but as I let it sit and reflected in the feelings I soon enough made my way to amusement.   

The impact of wild and salty healing company is definitely an activation of the sexual energy that is our original lifeforce powering us.  It is also a reconciliation of the masculine and feminine frequencies to return to a generating partnership of passion imbued with natural beauty, honour, energy and the desire to continue. 

Sounds like a happy ending to me. 

Patti’s Awakening Story

I come to this place in life — elder in training, breaking the spell, claiming sovereignty, consciously evolving, finding real purpose and joy in natural community — through a series of good fortunes and bad, instinct and synchronicity. 

I was born near the sacred lands of Little Manitou Lake in Saskatchewan where I now make my home.  My parents were simple, kind and community-minded people with a natural spirituality, love of nature and admirable moral fabric. 

My grandparents on both sides were little more than peasants economically speaking, and part of the founding of the communities of Renown and Conquest, both in Saskatchewan.  My paternal lines are Norwegian and Swedish, my maternal lines Scottish.  I have enduring bone memories of the old spirituality in my lines and the strong power of my own Canadian Motherland.  I have always had keen instincts and insight, a strong relationship with the land, and a yen for spirit, myth and The Great Work of my own life. 

In 1997 I entered a very challenging phase of loss of loved ones, loss of my marriage and home, and the beginning of my disillusionment with the ways and beliefs in the paradigm we now see falling away.  This trouble quickly accelerated my awakening on a very personal spiritual level which was then further spurred by world events — 9/11 in particular — and what I was learning about the soul loss in people and our systems from my walk through the world as an organizational leader, event and project designer and producer and communications/leadership consultant. 

In 2001 I found my way to Douglas de Long and was introduced to the healing and consciousness work of the old mystery school traditions.  Doug helped me to decalcify my pineal gland, clear my energy field of debris and open to receive guidance and assistance from other dimensions. 

By 2007 I was experiencing extreme tension as I continued to earn my living immersed in the old belief system.  I was visited by a pneumonia two winters in a row.  The grief of losing my elders combined with feeling mis-matched and ahead of my time in this material plane had begun to dominate me.  I knew that another radical shift within was required if I was to recover my well-being and grow as a service provider to people for living well and co-creating healthy lives in community. 

It was at that time that I began to use terms and speak of natural and evolutionary concepts that no one had taught me, to paint images intuitively and receive teachings through them, and to spend my nighttime dreamspace with wise guides, awakening in the mornings with new wisdom and instructions.  As this new consciousness was emerging, so were some weird reactions alongside – a growing impatience and anger (RAGE!) for the ways society as we’ve known it causes extreme harm to people and planet, a quickening of my nervous system, and a sudden urgency for wholesale change.   

I closed my business and entered a new domain, following my instincts to find Angeles Arrien, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Jeanne Houston.  These teachers helped me ride the often turbulent expansion of my consciousness and call in my next level purpose.  During this time I also took Reiki training, which activated my healing abilities and expanded my creative powers. 

What none of these helpers were assisting with very well was my grief.  I was coming off the ground in beautiful dreams for a healthy and sovereign future while spiraling into despair in my soul.  Following my instincts once again, I was delivered into the presence of Randy Thomas Jones, grief ritual choreographer, wild nature teacher and author.  We traveled together for three years.  Along with all of the benefits he personally delivered with his exceptional gifts, he also introduced me to the culture and leaders of the people of Burkina Fasso in West Africa where he had himself trained.  It was deep and difficult work, also incredibly exciting, and one of the most meaningful and inspirational times of my life.  

Just as important as the focused spirit and soul development, was the journey I undertook independently to research the trouble in our world.  I was on a hunt for the roots of our off-kilterness and I found them. The exercise gave me ample content to practice my body’s ability to sense truth and my skills of discernment.  By combining what I witnessed through my personal experience in our dysfunctional belief and community systems with what I discovered in the shadows through my research, I made the connections I needed to make to put the spiritual, natural and village intelligence development I had been working on into a relevant context for the transformative moments we are now in. 

And finally, relatively recently, I discovered and began to participate in the purification work offered by Jacqueline Hobbs, also known as Oracle Girl, which has been a magnificent dessert on the whole dang buffet of one woman’s journey through The Dark Forest of Ugly and Amazing Surprises to the New Earth in an incredible second coming of age (so far).   

Over the years I have started, hosted and participated in many evolutionary circle groups. In these circles we have worked together through the spiritual and political awakening and supported one another in holding onto sanity, faith, and good dreams as we witness the old world fall apart in the explosive death throws of the corrupt going at their last grasp and breaths with all they have.

Without knowing it, I have been waiting for exactly these days for my work to come into it’s Right timing. The suspension of human rights enshrined in national documents, near to complete loss of privacy, censorship of knowledgeable, ethical and truly leading voices shows us clearly who’s who and what’s what. And now that our ranks are growing daily, and the real causes of protecting the human soul, life and liberty are coming clear, we are ready to walk away and co-create the world we imagine for ourselves and our children in synch with Source, each other and the living world.

My Deep Gratitude Goes to….

The original traditions of my Norse and Celtic lineage, my courageous and hardworking pioneering peasant great and grandparents; my aunties, uncles, neighbours and friends for the enduring love, guidance and complementary work undertaken in their own lives, supporting mine. 

To my siblings Ricky and Dale for bonds of affection that can only take root in common bloodlines and the epic journey of sharing the time and container of childhood.  To my parents Maurice and Kay for conceiving, birthing, caring for, teaching and leading us by the way they lived their lives in love, friendship, partnership and community.  And for the way they managed to adapt to the most sorrowful of all tragedies and carry on. 

To Angeles Arrien, whose spirit whispered the words of her own original medicine and work to me through the ethers in 2008.  She radically changed my life and is my spiritual grandmother.  To Laurel Bay, the healer who recognized me speaking Angeles’ words before I knew of her and connected me to her work in the physical plane. 

To Randy Thomas Jones, Sobonfu Somé and Malidoma Somé, Stephen Jenkinson, and all the rest who work in the land of the mythic and mystic life with its many dimensions of spirit, grief, praise, genius and soul.  Their culture and soul medicines have helped me heal and become as a rewilding woman, enriched my being, sparked my true purpose, and taught me much. 

To world renowned leaders and teachers Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra for getting me started as an evolutionary traveler.  To Oracle Girl for helping me catalyze it all and make the leap out of what is left of my slave self and into the sovereign positive timeline of our New Earth.

To Esther Stenberg, Patricia Smith, Verna Cashene, Brigitte Tan and Bonnie Mann for their company and support through some of my most difficult years of awakening and transformation. 

To Jani Burgess and Crystal Baschak who were the first two students in the Barefoot Sovereign Experience offering, putting their faith in me and giving it their all themselves.  It is because of their willingness to begin the beta testing phase that I am here now, inviting others to join me with their assistance for something needed, something good, something true, and something beautiful.

To the many great conscious evolutionary leaders all over the world who are taking their stand against tyranny and trauma and giving their gifts to our shift for the sake of living just, free and healthy lives in harmony with our homeland, Mother Earth.

Last, but certainly not least – mia familiars! My mate Rick for his constant breadwinning and exceptional willingness to walk the road of life with a woman like me; to my beloved children Michael and Kayli who are the best teachers and best reasons for carrying on through thick and thin; and to Sage, my dog, who reminds me to always be ready for adventure and kisses while we roam Little Manitou together every day; and to Freya, my cat, who teaches me to never stop being my brave and curious self or to give a rat’s ass what anyone else thinks.

Canada Votes 2021: Political Leadership

I am going to have a lot more to say about politics in Canada from here on in.

Running for office is in the shortlist of the last things I desire for my life and the lives of those in my family. Holding an office is even less desirable.

And that’s why beginning right now this morning, the day after the Canadian election and a day before the Autumn equinox, I’m going to use my voice, my intellect, my wisdom and my vision like I’m there.

Like I ran last night and I won.

In competition with Justin Trudeau and all the rest.

They’re pretending and so will I.

The difference is that I’m pretending I won the election nationally while knowing I won my own leadership election and living in reality from there with my choices, words and actions.

They, on the other hand, are pretending they won nationally and continuing from there in the same delusion.

Aren’t we all sick of the political fiasco we call democracy that’s been building and growing here on these lands we call Canada since immigrants from Europe began to arrive? I am one of the sick of fiasco and one of the European ancestry people too.

I am 2nd and 3rd generation born Canada, Saskatchewan, with lineage from Scotland, Norway and Sweden, now entering elderhood, a daughter, a sister, a partner, a mother and soon to be a grandmother too.

Last night’s results, by the popular vote:
Liberals – less than 32% of the popular vote, won the most seats

Conservatives – 34% of the popular vote, slightly better than the pathetic above, second most seats

NDP – 17% of the popular vote, third most seats

Bloc – 8% of the popular vote, fourth most seats (Quebec only party)

People’s Party of Canada – 5% of the popular vote, no seats

Green – 2% of the popular vote, 2 seats

In his speech after the seat count was projected far enough to make a declaration about a minority government result, Trudeau stated, “You are sending us back to work with a clear mandate to get Canada through this pandemic and to the brighter days ahead.”

I don’t see that in the results at all.

The clear mandate I see is watch your damn step Trudeau and all the rest, and start listening to the people of Canada who pay you to represent us with integrity.

And that is without knowing what voter turnout was or how much more popular than 2 years ago relative newcomer PPC and the rest not listed were last night. Those numbers will tell us something about the upwising of Canadians.

The media ignore the people’s response to bad politics by not covering emergent grassroots parties. It’s a facet of a cunning plan to keep governance in the pocket of the tyrants by my discernment. I don’t think many people are able to step back and see that, and even fewer use their words to let the world know what they perceive unless it’s the loudest narrative (all manufactured pretty much), creating a false perception of safety based in ‘fitting in’.

It’s not just a thankless act to speak truth about perception and position, to speak out against authority and the sleeping status quo — it’s blasphemy to many. The visceral reactive attacks from the land of the beliefs being challenged by truth and life are incessant, often violent, and can be and have been, in fact, deadly.

So, if there is to be salvation, and I’m more than certain there is for those who choose it….

What vision do the people who live on the lands we call Canada hold within period, including for getting through this pandemic and to the brighter days ahead?

I know my idea and Trudeau’s idea are more than miles apart. How about you? Do you share his dream?

By the numbers, at least 67% of those who voted don’t. Further, more than 39% of Canadians did not vote. I am one of them, knowing inside that unless and until something radical changes in government ways and means, I am casting a vote of approval for the system itself and helping to perpetuate stupidity, treason, confinement, theft and murder.

Life as we knew it is falling to the ground as the house of cards inked by lies gets hit by the illuminating wind of a rising consciousness, wisdom and an outpouring of proper love.

We should not be afraid, but joyful.

Government is a crony club of billionaires and wannabes conspiring to cheat and lie in monopolistic games that destroy true health, true economy, true collaboration and vitality for all.

VILIFY definition
to say or write unpleasant things about someone or something, in order to cause other people to have a bad opinion of them

The healers, tribes and indigines have been vilified throughout the ages because we are the true nature and health based community leaders in politics and spirituality. You can’t take the people over if you don’t kill the elders, the hunters, the gatherers, the farmers and the medicine people. We hold space for life as an act of creative living synchronized with the living world in relationships that do no harm. We stand for meaning, purity, responsibility and nature. We stand for life.

This theatre of politics as we have it has expired.

There isn’t a single issue before us needing attention that we don’t have the intellect, wisdom, vision — humanity — to love into new life. And it need not take long.

These dorks who masturbate in the game of politics are running out of air, time and Vaseline. Their intentions and values no longer work with the rising vibrations of life with earth. We’re watching them die on the scenes of their crimes. It’s coming more obvious each passing day. Soon there will be nothing left of them and their schemes but bones and stories that will become the mythic tales of the future recalling how nature returned to devour the artificial 12-headed monster running the plane.

Politeness taken to extreme, and political correctness even moreso, both of which Canada is known for, is a death-centric way of relating, no better than the lies themselves. Truth, vision, and willingness to change oneself while sharing responsibility for life itself is a much better way to go. That is how the original creative source gets lived into being here through us.

My mate once said to me: “Hate the war, not the warriors.”

It’s a good statement. And…I don’t hate the war or the warriors. I am grateful for all of it. I’ve been waking up for a long time and the war is what lulled me out of my slumber. It’s not easy coming out of the spell, but the spell is what is unconscious and the war is what erupts from there.

The solution is to delete the faulty program of the colonists, defrag and get on with co-creating benevolently in synch with the tremendous powers of nature for the health of ourselves at home with our families in our communities.

From there it is easy to extend that care to regions beyond, making hearty connections, collaborating and weaving the world with our neighbours near and far.

Some of the people who go into politics are grassroots folk who can see and feel truth and really want to make a proper difference. Many are trusting sorts who can’t see what is really going on. Many are ladder climbing money and power chasers. And a few of them, I have reluctantly come to accept, are the latter in the darkest form, with voracious destruction running through their veins.

They are the ones who are hot and heavy with their overlords in banking, pharma, agriculture, energy and fake philanthropy. The media conspire in the crime by kissing their materialistic asses for a seat at the fancy dinners by broadcasting the lies.

And then we come in, accepting it, failing to show up at attention,. Failing to accept our personal responsibility as part of the great grand production of life, inherently sharing culpability by our actions and inactions.

The whole disgusting web of lies and ugliness cloaks the plane, corrupting virtually every livelihood, every dollar made and spent, every cause, many of our innovations and virtually all governments, ministries and helping ‘authorities’ and agents.

Most certainly the parasitic predator class that runs the world is very adept at squashing the natural human impulse to live vitally, joyfully, alive and well connected to source themselves, of their own authority.

We can learn from these adepts at organization and proliferation and infiltrate through every sector. In fact, we already are.

We need to be ready to let go of what we are attached to in favour of truth and beauty.

We can do this, and I, for one, am in motion to be seen and heard in my full authenticity, to contribute to the emergence of great initiatives that bring truth and abundance forth, and to care for my family in the way they need and deserve, with a true heart’s intent for each and every living being to be free, healthy, creative and 100% themselves.

I am my own Prime Minister, Premier, Mayor and Authority and I’m here to live in good relationship with you.

If you want to see what I’m up to, I’ve been helping with the leadership and emergence of two important projects for the times.

Imaginarium Network is a consciously collaborative workplace for people working together to co-create a network for dreaming and materializing our emerging natural paradigm. Our primary project is a collection of internet radio shows that engage our people in the sharing of story and exceptional ideas for a beautifully emerging future.

Sovereign Commons of Saskatchewan introduces a project that is a network of people in the province of Saskatchewan working together to gather, work with and and relay the voices of us as individuals to the greater public audience. We also work together sharing responsibility for bringing forth awakened sovereign solutions to the troubles and opportunities we meet.

I am Patti of the Lindgren Family, living at Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan, Canada, Mother Earth.

Here we go.

The Fair-Folk: Perils of the Otherworld

I always had a wildish spirit, was a precocious independent child, and had a temper that flared up like a bonfire whenever my boundaries or sense of justice were violated. Landing in a community that would recognize my instinctual wisdom and life purpose in the original way wasn’t my destiny. I was born in 1964 on the Saskatchewan prairies, and as idyllic a time and space as that was in many ways, in synch with old mythos wasn’t part of the fabric.

There were plenty of excellent nature and village life and love aspects about my upbringing to keep me from falling off the edge and roughly on my path though, and for this I am truly grateful. I don’t know how I would have fared as a child in a city. I have a sense it would have been a lot more challenging.

What was missing most places in the west at the time, and still, was the spirit and soul context of the Original Blueprint. We’ve been living in a time nearly devoid of visible guides and masters qualified for guardianship of the natural genie life in the humans. Or, in other words, the mythic track that runs under life has been in a very low and growing lower phase. I see now how my parents were magnets for those with strong magical beings, all hiding behind the same mask, the mask of invisibility brought about by the big fat trick being played on humanity that was already more generations old than could be counted.

I have sampled and scoured a lot of material over the past couple of decades to help me pluck the strings of home. I pick up a crumb here and a crumb there, remember myself a little more, and weave it all together with gossamer strings, like a spider’s web. It seems to me that humanity’s devolution from Original Blueprint to 2020 is a matter of a countless number of hacks and slashes on naturally healthy physiology and spiritual intellect.

Mother Earth sings the tunes of her own living ways for us to hear. She sings them a little differently in each and every locale. When we return to the land where we lay our heads now, the lands we were born upon and the lands our elders and Ancestors were born upon, the receiver for the tunes is most high. Angeles Arrien recommends at least one hour in nature each day to bring oneself back to earthling status. I concur with her that this is a minimum, and personally like to spend even more, sometimes way, way more. The negative ions alone have the power to heal most ailments. It is the gazing at and losing oneself in the gems of life in the natural world, the rhythms and cycles, the tenacity and beauty that bring the old blueprint back to singing in the bones.

I live very near to where I was born now, and where the bones of my parents and paternal grandparents lie. They came from Sweden and Norway. My mom’s lines are Scottish. The Norse and Celtic traditions are, like all early expressions of a land’s spiritual tune, magical and mythic. Celts are immersed in Nature’s cycles, wildish experiences, over a mythic track of archetypal stories animated by the likes of queens, kings, castles, monuments, power spots, craft, elementals and elements. It’s the perfect setting for an epic quest of radical transformation, it seems to me.

Here’s a wee look at how beauty and power in the common space of culture gets twisted and turned upside down.

Excerpt from The Everything Celtic Wisdom Book, Jennifer Emick

“The mysteries of the Otherworld remained active in the Celtic imagination. In accord with the new Christian view, however, the Otherworld was no longer viewed as a place of happiness and eternal youth and health, but a sort of hell where fairies and devils were sometimes indistinguishable. The fair folk still dropped by to come to human aid now and again, but mainly they were viewed with superstition, as capricious characters who were usually up to no good. Fairies were blamed for just about anything that went wrong. From sour milk to infant death, poor weather, or failed crops.”

There have, indeed, been dark entities roaming the plane with us here in the earth realm. They’ve been playing a very long trick, accusing benevolent spirits of their own dirty deeds. This projection method is used over and over again. A very stark example in our modern moment is the two-part attack on freedom of speech. When people speak their truths freely, as Creation both intends and needs, the upside downers accuse them of what they themselves are doing behind the scenes (fake news, for example), spinning the scene to one where the dark spirits are wreaking their havoc and pinning it on those who do their best to live in love and light, illuminating what goes on here, singing like canaries in coal mines.

In the world spun by the upside downers, look to the people whose voices are censored and ridiculed. They are the ones with the truth tunes for a living world. They are the guides who are qualifying themselves to be pillars for the frequency of our new timeline with Mother Earth.

Coming of Age at the Beginning of the World

Wetiko is a mind virus that is a stunted half-life program inserted into human psyches via information broadcast throughout the systems of the old dead world. The more mainframe schooling, rituals and medicalization we’ve taken in, the more mainframe television and movies we watch, the more government control and theft that we accept in violation of personal authority and property, the less we cultivate personal power in concert with our human instincts and intellect.

Wetiko grows continuously, stealing our soul, depleting our spiritual reservoir, eating away at the genius within us and overwriting our source code.

We cling to the material, to false idols, scarcity, greed, competition and status. We become the forces of wetiko in person, passing it from person to person through every thought, feeling, word and action we experience and express.

Wetiko is a demon that can be expelled by entering a practice of beginning again, opening our minds to natural ancient and emerging information, and relaxing into the living world to remember and express our essential selves in synch with the rhythms and nature of life itself. When we shift our attention and intention away from participating in a sick society to live free as a force of nature in person we jump up alive again to reclaim our souls and potential.

Patti Lindgren, Wild & Salty Healing Company

Well here we are, star date January 5 in the year we call 2021. For me it’s a year I’ve begun with the intent to show up present for my next level coming of age and to do it well in a grounded and centered way toward fulfillment and positive impact in the world of my circles.

I predict that coming of age will be the primary contagion among we the masses, for it seems undeniably written in the stars, the sun, the moon, the mountains, valleys, in the water and on the plains.

So what is a coming of age? We all have the knowing about it within our original blueprint. The world we’ve just left did its’ darndest to separate us from this gnosis though, and so here is a reminder that comes from my own soul journey of healing and becoming through the life phases thus far.

We are born, live through infancy, then toddlerhood, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, partnership, parenthood, elderhood, and death. Each of these phases is a coming of age of a kind, but typically there are two key Comings of Age in every life: adulthood and elderhood.

The key instrument of the separation of humans from their gnosis was explained to me in part by Stephen Jenkinson ~~ Canadian, elder, spiritual guide, social worker, theologian and author of several books, including Die Wise and Come of Age: The case for elderhood in a time of trouble ~~ this way: “sham rites of passage.”

If a fully ensouled rite of passage is as rich as a novel and more at essence, and it is; and an essay is a summary reminder,
and a social media post is a mere fragment,
and a tweet is a shot of light on the surface;
then please consider the birthday parties, career fairs, graduation ceremonies and retirement parties that stand in for rites of passage in modernity at the level of the tweet.

We experience intermediate initiatory experiences repeatedly during our lives. The trouble we experience generally in the old souls-lost world propels us rather blindly into initiatory journey. We get a rough and tumble kick in the ass through some disruption. A relationship of any kind — with people, livelihood, a home, a community — becomes uncomfortable. Boundaries are crossed, boredom sets in, usefulness expires, and sometimes, it will go right into the soul core hurts of abandonment, betrayal, exile or even banishment.

It will have the feeling of unexpected, unwelcome, and perhaps even unexplainable – wyrd (as in supernatural) – and we go lost awhile. In modernity, the spiritual and soul helpers have been largely shunned, silenced, put to sleep, or forced into ‘business’ as they say, leaving virtually no one working at the level of spiritual guardian to people and community to recognize, welcome and hold space for initiatory soul journeys in context.

What kind of world would we be in today if there was a place to go when you felt like you were falling apart? A place that had room for anything and everything you had to bring, and responded in kind with a wisdom that surpassed anything you could find in modernity’s stunted systems for health? What if you found a landing that was welcoming, accepting, knowledgeable, affirmative, contextual, authentic, wise, enriching and evolutionary?

The aforementioned Stephen Jenkinson has immersed his life in theology, mainstream social work in the area of death and dying, and a more barefoot kind of social work, as an author and guide for people experiencing deep soul journeys. Randy Thomas Jones is another Canadian with a strong sense of the wild nature in humanity and a specialist in the area of rituals that help our lost soul parts reintegrate within our own beings and as beings in community. My words for what these fellas trade in, so to speak, is natural and village intelligence.

They’ve both shown me the wild nature views of trouble as initiation into a new iteration of self. In more stable times we all go temporarily askew now and then as an initiatory phase. If a community is healthy in soul terms and well-funded with gratitude for the gate keepers of spirit to thrive and hold the frequency for that health, then the one who is going through the change will not only be welcomed by the village, but the whole village will benefit from the healing.

Jenkinson asks a question in at least one of his talks: “What happens when the whole village goes crazy at once?” Ha! And here we are.

Perhaps we can call that exact event “2020”; and from 2021’s coming of age position — on the heels of an incredible year of unearthing seemingly all that lived in the dark shadowy spaces life behind veils, armour and weitko — heal ourselves and our connections with each other.

Just imagine this present moment story 100 years down the road…a story that has been passed down all over earth about how we were headed for hell in a dark spell, and somehow managed to come awake, break the damn thing, and l/earn our own power, potential, responsibility and honest joy?

We are experiencing a great cosmic period of recalibration. If Jacqueline-Faye : Hobbs ( is correct, earth has literally been shaking beneath our feet as the energy grid within her that was being used to transmit frequencies of discord to our nervous systems was dismantled (2015 & 2016); and the gradual reformation of earth’s nature gird (2016-present) that transmits the frequencies of natural living and connects individual consciousness is taking shape in the old one’s place.

This recalibration, accompanied by many natural forces for revelation, reclamation and renewal, has moved us all into a coming of age for ourselves and a Coming of the Ages for life itself. The recent cosmic event of the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, the Christmas star, may be another signpost that we have entered a new age. Our world – our co-creation – is transforming, upgrading, returning home to love, and it’s happening through us.

My own lessons during this time would fill a massive sack, that’s for sure. A couple of key ones, though, especially for people on the other side of 50, perhaps, but for all of us in the by and large, is that being is more important than doing, patience is essential, so is self-love, and to move forward in support of the dreams for the future of our youngers that are good, true, and beautiful. If we cling to the old world, we will still experience an initiation, but it will not be an initiation into natural human living in partnership with our abundant and delicious Mother Earth. The choice is ours.

We truly are in the beginning moments of a whole new world. Blessings for your journey. ~love, p