Opening to Receive Collaborators

For building this bridge while we travel it, navigating in planes by instinct. Well hello there.  To the few subscribers already here, much is changing in the Wild & Salty space. I have been reconfiguring and preparing to share the curriculum and company that this vision is being born for. I have changed a lot onContinue reading “Opening to Receive Collaborators”

Ungooing the sacred and the divine

What if I told you to drop the goddess, drop the myth, drop the meditation, drop the yoga, drop the initiations, drop the performance, drop the virtue, drop the saving, drop the martyr, drop the victim, drop the judge, drop the hero, drop the genius, drop the urgency, drop the journey.  Drop it all.  Pch-sheeew! Continue reading “Ungooing the sacred and the divine”

The Crisis of Awakening into Alive

A story about my journey using the monikers that have accompanied me Like everyone else who has woken up in this world in these times my journey was precipitated by crisis.  My life was in crisis, and so was the world we make.  My personal crisis seemed massive, many fold and entirely complex.  Same forContinue reading “The Crisis of Awakening into Alive”

Patti’s Awakening Story

I come to this place in life — elder in training, breaking the spell, claiming sovereignty, consciously evolving, living true to real purpose for reviving individual sovereignty and naturally healthy community — through a series of good fortunes and bad, instinct and synchronicity.  I was born near the sacred lands of Little Manitou Lake inContinue reading “Patti’s Awakening Story”

Canada Votes 2021: Political Leadership

I am going to have a lot more to say about politics in Canada from here on in. Running for office is in the shortlist of the last things I desire for my life and the lives of those in my family. Holding an office is even less desirable. And that’s why beginning right nowContinue reading “Canada Votes 2021: Political Leadership”

The Fair-Folk: Perils of the Otherworld

I always had a wildish spirit, was a precocious independent child, and had a temper that flared up like a bonfire whenever my boundaries or sense of justice were violated. Landing in a community that would recognize my instinctual wisdom and life purpose in the original way wasn’t my destiny. I was born in 1964Continue reading “The Fair-Folk: Perils of the Otherworld”

Coming of Age at the Beginning of the World

Wetiko is a mind virus that is a stunted half-life program inserted into human psyches via information broadcast throughout the systems of the old dead world. The more mainframe schooling, rituals and medicalization we’ve taken in, the more mainframe television and movies we watch, the more government control and theft that we accept in violationContinue reading “Coming of Age at the Beginning of the World”