Natural & Village Intelligence Camp

Online and In-person learning and creating

This is experiential learning to support your journey of knowing and mastering self, relations and service in the context of natural intelligence and healthy community.

Weekly lessons, reflections, sharing circles and assignments.
The Four Fold Way
+Supplementary curricula
+Bonus content

What You’ll Learn About & Practice:

  • How to stand in your personal resource of power and use it responsibly for the empowerment of yourself and others in good relationship.
  • How to attune to and articulate your personal resource of vision and your vocation with truth telling as a means to living your purpose, taking responsibility for yourself and sharing your abilities authentically.
  • How to care for and live from a heart that is open, strong, clear and full for the nurturing of creativity, connections and life itself.
  • How to cultivate, recognize and apply wisdom and wisdom practices in all of your relations.
  • Maps of natural and village intelligence that help you to activate and organize yourself and the circles you cooperate in for family, livelihood, projects and collaborations.
  • The Circle Way for connecting, conversing, relating and co-operating with others in real time anywhere.
  • Help from the student body and faculty for your adventure in Right livelihood with natural intelligence.
  • Bonus TITLI maps and methods for practical application of the theory in and with your own community.
Core Content

The core guidebook for this training camp is Angeles Arrien’s book The Four Fold Way. Angeles was a cultural anthropologist whose personal culture ancestry was Basque, out of Spain. This book was first published in 1993, 30 years ago. Angeles left the material plane in 2014. She was a sweet grandmother type, a wonderful storyteller and storycarrier, and helper to many. She had a beautifully gentle air of authoritas and gravitas.

The Four Fold Way is her distillation of what she found in her research about the primary sensibilities of nature-based people when it comes to knowing and operating with natural intelligence. The teaches through the lens of four inherent resources for the human animal: power, vision, love and wisdom. The book includes context, practice and questions for our personal excavation and adaptation.

The wisdom is fractal and alchemically potent. It translates into all spheres of a multi-dimensional experience in the self, in the construct, in the relationship, in the family, in contribution and community. I contribute maps, stories and additional exploratory material complete the curriculum. You provide the experience and will have valuable perspective to share that will benefit all as well.

You can read about The Four Fold Way, hear a little of my own story and find links to videos of Angeles in action while she was still here in the plane in my blog.

Participation Particulars

You can participate in one of these ways as feels right for you.

As a Casual Student you come and go as you please with the material freely offered on the Wild & Salty website, YT channel and social media. You’ll get a good introduction and pick up some helpful tips for navigating during these complex moments in the great-grand scheme for following along. Links to everything can be found the Connect page.

As an Enrolled Student you will commit to yourself and your classmates for three months for each semester you choose to participate in.

Your commitment is to acquire, read and practice The Four Fold Way, take in the weekly presentation either live or in your own time, spend time in personal reflection and journaling and come to one sharing circle weekly.

Barefoot Social Working is for people who want to use this training to augment their personal service to family, livelihood and community and earn a certificate of completion. Your investment is a Four Semester Enrolled Student level with responsibility for one assignment per semester and good attendance for presentations and sharing circles.

No rush to decide or even ponder this option though. You can decide that later after you’ve experienced the work.


Natural Reciprocity – make an offer for reciprocity that is in good balance with what you will receive. It may be money, goods or services.

Start Dates

You may start your semester with the new moon of any month.

I am Patti Lindgren, your host and guide.

I am the illustrator of the maps of Natural and Village Intelligence, a key instigator of this camp and the choreographer directing this experience.

I have 15 years of practicing life The Four Fold Way under my belt and am 25 years into my awakening and return to nature’s way of living and service.

I am a mother of two growns, step-mom to another grown, step grandma to another grown and in 2022 a biological grandmother to Owen Rev.

I am over the moon happy to dedicate everything you see here and in the surrounding pages to my children and yours.

May we all be well.

Here’s a peak at Little Manitou, the land that supports me and us as we commune and naturalize.

If you would like to register for an introductory session, go here.

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