The Turtle Island Transformational Leadership Initiative

This description of the TITLI offering is supplemented by the article in my journal named The Free & Healthy State of TITLI and a (still coming) TITLI playlist on the Wild & Salty Channel.

Maps & Skills

Turtle Island is the name the original people called North America before it was colonized by the British monarchy at the behest of the Vatican. Some various and sundry bit players of false high esteem, indentured servants and slaves aided in the occupation that lives on.

So first we anchor with an old name, pre-present-day colony, to remind us that we live with and because of the water and the land. We also honour those still descending from original earth people who can feel and live their connection to nature and nature’s intelligence for good relationship with all life. And also it connects us to our place on the place in the here and now regardless of how or when we came to reside, how long we’ve occupied the terrain, or from where we came.

Together we sit in circle, facing each other, having the conversations we need to have to reconfigure our methods of living together in a way that aligns with life itself and returns vitality, abundance and joy for all.

If you don’t live on Turtle Island , the concept belongs to earth and so is fully transferable to other masses of land.

Many of us are wayshowers and many pioneers ready to fall into step with great leadership. We have a lot of wisdom and many topics to explore that are preferred by any soul who seeks peace, integrity, opportunity and wellness. These topics live around concepts of beauty, freedom, safety and nourishment that generate healthy mental, emotional, spiritual and physical states. These are the conversations of TITLI.

TITLI is a very emerging initiative. We have maps, a simple method for conversation and topic ideas to fan our sparks of natural intelligence and hold a space for village.

The project needs it’s people now to test everything, practice the principles, improve upon them and add to them while experimenting in real time in community.

By sharing our stories, learnings and imaginations with one another, we trigger the new community, society and economy in good time and relationship.

Leadership can and should be a skill and contribution that each of us takes our own share of personal responsibility for in the areas of our abilities, interests and local marketplace needs.

What TITLI offers:

– Maps of Natural and Village Intelligence applied to local community structure and activities.
– Ideas for welcoming and conversation formats and decision making processes that engage, connect and help to choregraph people and activities into generating and enduring contributions to your community.
– An opportunity for people on the leading edge of our return to natural intelligence to step into community organizing and learn those ropes as themselves.
– Conversations on the colonized situation we are living in from many points of perception – how did it begin? what were its intentions? how did it get such a stronghold position? what are its impacts? what are it’s pillars? And, in contrast, mirror these aspects with intuitive and strategic corrections of natural intelligence.
– Experiences, guides, views and company for our great leaping as we each step into personal responsibility for living in tune with nature and each other, as the authentic self.

You can tap into the TITLI content offerings and stories by subscribing to and engaging with Wild & Salty as you wish from the Connect page. If you are super-pumped about this idea and ready to explore with a view to becoming a leader by example with the effort as a whole or on the ground in your own area; or, you have something juicy to add, please send an email or give me a call.

This map is of Turtle Island, denoted in regions that are the main watersheds of the continent. If we are organizing by nature’s intelligence, these are the regions of cooperation and care that nature calls for.

What you see in this image is TITLI in brief, a medicine wheel of natural and village intelligence that we can put into action to actualize as healthy and free creator beings right where we live.

As we organize in the original spirit of the place in place we will begin to naturally collaborate community to community and into regions. We reactive the natural earth intelligence grid.

What you see here is what nature encourages in the DNA basis of us. We are fully liberated in our willingness to show up. This is not a ball and chain scheme of the colony. This is a map to organic ease and grace, a detox and refresher that changes the chemistry of culture for the living genies within.

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