Our Leadership Activities

Imaginarium Network

The Imaginarium Network is both a gathering and broadcast platform for the purpose of healing our minds, spirits, hearts and bodies from unnatural and toxic ways of living.

The Imaginarium Network’s primary objectives are to:

  1. Inspire and support our mental health by reactivating and practicing authentic presence and dreaming.
  2. Model and encourage personal responsibility for self, self-awareness, self-actualization and self-reliance.
  3. Provide nourishing content for explorers and creators of all ages and stages in living and waking for natural and evolutionary thinking.
  4. Provide a space for a network of evolutionary co-creators to connect.
  5. Pioneer fortifying and effective co-working arrangements and agreements among independent creators.
  6. Attract and share resources in fair reciprocity and to build capacity for inspired contributions to people with evolutionary ideas.

Turtle Island Transformational Leadership Initiative

TITLI is an emerging natural solution to governance, fundamentally realigning leadership and management of collective resources to synchronize with the real needs and resources of nature and people.

The vision brings both natural and village intelligence into practical application, embracing all people and all life on Turtle Island, which is North America by its more recent name. It may well prove itself out as the basis for organizational action across continents that eventually supercedes government as we’ve known it.

We apply village intelligence to call all Turtle Islanders into assemblies and councils to formulate statements of vision, need and expectations to direct elected representatives and others who are in a position to and do exercise their will over the will of others, who spread false information and who engage in activities that cause harm.

Much of the reason that positive change feels very slow for all of us is due to the absence of a shared dream to create the future by and a means to organize around its manifestation. When we don’t know where we’re headed in a responsible or inspired sense and do not feel supported and safe, the uncertainty and fear make change difficult. These times also call to us for a higher order of being and doing. “There is nothing like a dream to create the future,” said Victor Hugo. Bucky Fuller rather famously guides us to create new systems to render old ones obsolete.

When we disconnect from that which we have been coveting that does harm while tending to practical matters of wellbeing and fair play in wise and creative ways, we have the true political conversations.

This vision applies village intelligence to organizing and content, opening a space for the conversations we need to have to form and grow. We are all souls. There is no other. By opening to receive one another and illuminating the genius among us we can see and apply our powers in collaboration to benefit all in our every moment.

If this is a right kind of idea in the right kind of timing, our product will be a natural seating of a senate by the people for the people.

This initiative is very emergent. You can view Patti’s first presentation on it for public consumption here. A Facebook group is the first place we’re inviting people to gather and comment. If you would like more information or to be in on the founding of it, please reach out.

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