Our People

We are a growing team of talented natural thinkers and practitioners of assistance with a wide range of perceptions, passions, skills, abilities and experiences. We were born for what we do, and we do it with sensibility for the wellness of the world at heart. We look forward to working with you.

Patti Lindgren

Founder, Visionary, Communicator, Teacher

I am a soul on fire, an elder in training who was first trained for the old paradigm in public school, business college and for many years of my career through management positions in several sectors. My favourite placements were creative positions where I worked with the lights of many good people.

In 2008 I was old enough for a crisis of meaning and dropped out of it all to wake up and heal myself. the Barefoot Sovereign Reclaiming experience brings the best of what I discovered and remembered to inform both my grief and my sass. Natural and Village Intelligence are the basis for spirals of creating naturally as individuals and together in our families and communities. Of course much of this is theoretical from the view in the present moment, and it is also intuitive and so soon enough it brings us home, one way or another.

My key influencers after the great family of good folks and leaders I landed in have been Angeles Arrien, Randy Thomas Jones, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Malidoma Some and Sobunfu Some of West Africa. And, importantly, I am surrounded by a tribe of passionate lovers of life itself, other awakening beings and am fortified, inspired, amused and nourished by them always. Thanks to all here and more for the beauty you bring.

I am the mother of two growns, Michael and Kayli and grandmother to Owen Rev, who along with every other child on earth, I dedicate what’s left of my life to in the best ways I can muster at all times.

Email me: wildandsaltyhealingcompany@protonmail.com

Jani Burgess

Ambidextrous Assistant for Anything & Everything.
Troubleshooter, Problem Solver, Strategist, Muse.

Bio to come

Email me: jan@fringeoftheforest.ca

Want to work with us?

In our rings is a team of elders, genies, healers and leaders who contribute to the natural gravitas, authoritas and potency of the Wild & Salty Healing Company in non-linear and non-formal ways.

Thank you elders, elders-in-training and genies for the journey home.

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