“Lean into truth and dare will take care of itself.”

A welcome from Patti Lindgren

The banner up top is inspired by a message I picked up from the zeitgeist in 2008, “Truth and dare, Patti. Lean into truth and dare will take care of itself.” In a relative state of innocence at the time it sounded simple. When you know what’s true, you can be and are usually logical, and the next step is too. Needing courage isn’t an issue. You just do the next best thing and ‘dare’ takes care of itself.

In my innocence, though, I had trusted the world as innocent too, and as truth. Truth had been my own way, so I believed. The new instructions didn’t take long to start shaking me to my core. Soon I felt like they had kicked me off a ledge into an expedition of inner and outer discovery with a map that was missing most of itself.

I never imagined that such an intense human experience was coming my way.

It’s been confusing, painful and sometimes excruciating. It has put me on shaky ground and even the outs with many of my people, mia familia, my neighbours and my old friends. And yet still, it is the only work I can do. The only thing worth doing. The thing that is doing right by my people. It is my vocation. My reason d’etre.

And, I imagine, since you’re here, something very much like it is yours as well.

It seems to me that we came in strong with the dream and the gnosis for our life on nature’s timeline, lived childhoods of varying levels and natures of pressure and peace that seeded aspects of character and set the state for this grand initiation of people at every age in every place nearly all at once.

In the now we are moving through our life dreams in partnership with the zeitgeist, many of us in a palpable emerging recovery and reclamation of consciousness, health, abilities and responsibilities in both the inner and outer planes.

I learned a lot about how our communities work and don’t work while working in the system, innocently traveling, neither sleeping nor awake, often twitter-pated by discovery, or exasperated, depending the encounter. I took a crushing in there, innocent me. This has been the crux of my initiatory journey into healing some of what’s so terribly violent and destructive in this world.

In hindsight, Truth and Dare was an assignment to engage with reality in a way that would make me a trustworthy assistant for certain things. I have studied how life came to be the way it is here today so badly off natural track, for myself with confidence what it is meant to be, awakening and honing my truth telling and discernment abilities. I am more at home in my true being and learning how to live as a remedy for the return of love and life in the plane.

Sound familiar? I tell you my stories because they are our stories, and I look forward to hearing something about yours in return someday.

We all have our own perception, gifts, wisdom, skills, needs and abilities. We are all capable of contributing authentically to the world we make. We are all needed as the living beings we are, and yes, we are all responsible for our piece of the pie. We all have healing and changing to do.

I welcome you here to the pages and with the growing team that is becoming the Wild & Salty Healing Company knowing that you are here right on time in nature’s way of reason. Our world is both teeming and teaming with gorgeous souls like you born to play a role in the collective release of the old world and the welcoming of a new one where life works well for everyone.

Let us work together now, come into coherence to murmurate now, breathing in and out of the torus that is us in the plane and the plane itself. Let’s connect really and truly to get that love flooding the rivers that nourish and sustain us, and push out those old ideas of currency, commerce and outside authority that do so much harm.

Wherever you are on the spectrum of waking up and responding with the lifeforce accessible to you, then there’s a spot somewhere in the threads of Wild & Salty that will fit you in a right way.

Welcome home lovers and livers. Here we go! love~p

/ˈtsītˌɡīst,ˈzītˌɡīst/ each era has a unique spirit, a nature or climate that sets it apart from all other epochs. In German, such a spirit is known as Zeitgeist, from the German words Zeit, meaning “time,” and Geist, meaning “spirit” or “ghost.”

“…you are here right on time in nature’s way of reason.”

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