Online Gatherings

For the natural health of our minds, our dreaming, relations and creations.


60 – 90 Minutes

We are reclaiming our minds for natural intelligence and dreaming, releasing the colonized mindsets that cause so much trouble.

This time together is easy and fun and you can’t do it wrong. Those who gather find it a great way to dedicate an hour on Sun Days to the health of the self, our personal beauty, relaxing into mental, emotional, relational and dreaming strength.

What You’ll Experience:

  • An invitation to enter nature’s matrix and intelligence for a personal experience of direct connection.
  • Three rounds of short meditation in silence, to solfeggio frequencies or to dance music.
  • An opportunity to share in circle with others about our meditative experiences.
  • Pleasure, insight, companionship and new friends.

Hosted by Patti Lindgren

My experiences with the Imaginarium have been extraordinary. The space is high vibrational, healing and benevolent. I can enter with an intention, a question or simply allow what comes. What ensues is often purely magical and inspiring. 
Sometimes an issue arises to be purified and the synergy here really  speeds this process up. The sharing with like minded people is valuable and life affirming. I come out the other side more peaceful more fully embodied, and creative. Thank you, Patti for creating this joyous space.
~ Lesta

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